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Found 4 results

  1. R-78

    Beat Saber

    I have always loved musical video games since I was a child, such as Stepmania, Guitar Hero, Osu Tatakae Ouendan... But Beat Saber is by far my favorite one. (Surprisingly I am a pianist while this is more about drums) It is a Virtual Reality game which gameplay is very simple: Just slice every incoming bloc - at the right time - in the right direction (white arrow) - with the right hand (red bloc = left saber, blue bloc = right saber) There's a health bar at the bottom, if you miss too many, you die. So I managed to record some videos, but sadly the built-in PSVR recording feature is poorly made, it zooms on what the user really see hence makes it look very shaky and the quality is low. Does anyone else play this game?
  2. Black king bar with 40 hit. 9 DT or 60 PD. Pm me. Also open to trades
  3. WTB Guren with good stats. Show me what you got
  4. WTB Shouren with a good amount of hit. Show me what you got
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