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Found 11 results

  1. Buying Cent/Arms Selling DPC - sold nakas-sold
  2. malgadar


    Buying Adepts. 4 DTs each
  3. Selling a Guardian Angel costume. Same stats as a min RR. Increases healing range on resta and anti techniques. 12 DT. PM me
  4. I am Selling Wedding dress Min RR Min SJS with 45 machine 1 Cent/Battle Selling Guldmilla 35 dark 100 machine 80 hit
  5. My Offer: -Min RR -Kroe's -30 PD's PM if you're interested cheers
  6. ultrajerky

    S>Min RR

    ill take pd's or dt's for this, but i'd prefer dt's. offer me up fellas
  7. PM me its stats, I'll give you an offer. I'm prepared to pay mostly in PD's. *The only items I would potentially trade are lvl 200 power Rati's or an FTD. You're welcome to poke around in my trade list in my signature, but that's mostly small scheisse. Grazie!
  8. Paying 50pds. Thanks
  9. Looking to BUY a RED RING with DONATION TICKETS. Let me know what you got and what you will take for it.
  10. hey guys i wanna trade a dark bridge with bad stats and a min rr. pm me if u got one of these and ill see what i got to offer
  11. ExOh

    S/T> RR mid

    this is what im looking for atm: S-ranks: Sword, mechs, knuckles, daggers,needle same goes for Type/ weapons. dts and pd will probably do too
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