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Found 4 results

  1. Living Pinata Ending the 26/03/2017 Steps : Post on this topic to register Browse your bank and get 4-5 of your most stupid/funny weapons. Free 30 minutes of your time to play the event What are we going to do exactly ? I will assign you a playmate randomly I will take you both for a walk into a random room (ep1, ep2 or ep4 depending on my mood) I will tank the monster and do nothing but watch and give the turn When it's your turn, you will draw a weapon a strike the monster once Then it will be your playmate turn, and he wil
  2. ROUND 2! Round 1 is over, no new teams are allowed now. Round 2 shall be presented now! Teams approved griffeni 42153725 MuddyCast 42167166 Levy 42149420 Zer0 42102085 under9000 42116937 sogeking 42150441 Breezy 42123903 Fuji 42120744 Scout PSO 42159350 Axel Kastor 42102291 Biza 42000060 Katori 42152762 Lemon 42158693 Misombre 42155051 Yskialuw 42155195 tru 42144623 Snuggles 42164162 TumCrooZ 42156991 Shoutgu- 42124110 Volt 42155308 Rules of the next round -Start the episode 4/ultimate mode quest LOGiN presents -Your team from the last round will be
  3. Winners of this event Team: The NOT Ultima Staff Team Please create a group pm on the forum with the 4 team members so we can check what items you want Second place TEAM ROCKET Second place will pick an item from the prize list, after the first team picks theirs. _______________________________________________ Go-go power rangerssss!!! Hello Ultibums! Here comes a new mini event, this one is short and simple, checking how close you are with your friends. Rules to entry this event: -Teams for this event need to be composed by 4 different players. -You can make
  4. Event is closed winners were found! Congrats Yanvbraz for first place and Tosicamir for second place! Meet me in game for your prizes!!! Thank you for all that participated! It's question time! If no winner is found until tomorrow the closest to the max will win Si no hay ganador hasta mañana el más cercano al máximo ganará English: 1.In "Jak 2" how many people went through the rift gate in the end? -2 2.In "Ratchet & Clank" series, who is Dr. Nefarious's butler? -LAWRENCE! 3.How many summons are available in "Kingdom hearts 2"? -4 4.In "Kirby superstar", what giv
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