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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Ultima Friends! I am selling the following - Max Stat Mags for HUmar / HUnewearl / HUcaseal / RAmar / RAmarl / RAcast / RAcaseal Per the Ultima max stat thread, max stat mags for the above classes all fall into the range – DEF 5 POW 124 - 149 DEX 46 - 71 MIND 0 (https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21971-max-stats-plan-compilation-thread/) To best suit the needs of the most people possible (and maximize my sales audience ) – I have three mags currently at D5/P124/D46/M0 ready to continue feeding until level 200 as soon as order is placed. Specific for mags as followed - Nidra (Red) Mylla & Youlla / Farlla / Pilla Nidra (Yellow) - SOLD Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla Sato (Blue) - (SOLD) Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla Price for this group is 15 PDs or 3 DTs Item’s I am looking for, and will accept as trade – 100 HP Mats 125 TP Mats 150 Mind Mats ADEPT SMARTLINK V502 PB/Increase Mags can take up to 2 days to complete. Any questions please ask, thank you for looking!
  2. -- B>Glide Divine ------S>Banana Cannon --S> Bringer rifle --S> Mind Mag 50/0/0/150 --S>Mind mag 25/0/0/175
  3. Heya, Title should be pretty self-explanatory. Preferably looking for a mag with Mylla and Yoiulla, Leilla, Estlla, maxed synchro and IQ, 185 mind, 15 def. But all offers are welcome Cheers,
  4. Hey Poly here, *EDIT* This is no longer available. GM please close. Thanks Looking to buy a non rare / no elenor mind mag (at least 170mind) for DT's. Prices and offers can be discussed with me ingame. :3 *EDIT* You can also leave a message here, ty
  5. Resta Merge 7 pds (no twins) 3pbs Agastya 10 pds yes
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