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Found 3 results

  1. The idea of this thread is for it to serve as an alert any time Happy Hours (HH) are in effect. When HH is in effect, drop rates are boosted, which makes hunting things a lot easier. However, HH lasts only 3 hours (180 min) and occurs randomly throughout the week. This thread will let you know when HH are in effect, even when you are away from your computer. The usefulness of this thread depends on everyone working together to post alerts when HH happens. All are welcome to post alerts! Post how much time remains until Happy Hours ends (minutes / hours). Don't post what time it started or what time it ends, because we all live in different time zones. ONLY post if Happy Hours are on. This will prevent people's email inboxes from being cluttered To make this thread more useful to you, follow this thread. By doing so, you will receive emails every time someone posts an alert in this thread (you may need to adjust your account settings to allow these emails to be sent to your email). EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO POST:
  2. Hello, I've just kind of accumulated a bunch of questions after playing for a couple weeks. I searched on the forums for answers to a couple questions but I didn't find what I was looking for. Of course, I might have just not been searching with the correct key terms. Anyways here are my questions: 1. I was raising a mag and I gave it to my Ranger in order to get Estilla, and then I handed it off to my hunter in order to get Pilla and then later Mylla and Youlla. However, when the mag hit level 35, it didn't switch to the Hunter mag branch and just stayed on the Ranger mag branch. Is there anyway to switch mag branches? Also if I just only cared about the photon blasts it wouldn't be an issue, but of course I want specific stats. 2. I've played through hard mode and I have found no monster parts anywhere. Do I just have bad luck? 3. What exactly is happy hour? I've heard that it's 5x exp and 3x drops, but it seems like exp is always set to 5x. 4. Where do I exchange Photon Drops? I've only ever played offline on the Gamecube so I used to just sell Photon Drops but I'm pretty sure I can do something with them. 5. What are Photon Tickets for? 6. If Pinkal sets up a party, are all the drops for the party set to the Pinkal section ID? Sorry for all the random questions, and if I just need to look harder for answers just let me know! Thank you for your time.
  3. ^^^^^Topic yo. Also: GOGOGOGO. *Edit* Happy Hour achieved. I suppose this thread has served it's purpose now, and could probably be safely locked.
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