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Found 3 results

  1. hello, my friwens it is me as james love above i am trying to ask the people of ultima, if my friends account are being logged . have they logged and who is stilla round. as a veteran i am playing on the be have of my entire life which was spnt grinding on this game day in and day out. iwas tuff at luck mangaed to find my rares here in there along with good friends who made cheap exchanges to help each other out we would grind and party up. i have even heard of challenges, this i want to build, looking for quick runs and schedule events, i lick at happy hour as a time to go for lower ranked stuff, the rates are oddly combined which make me think ito woula would be best for back packing. a huge future in this way of life. some people i am looking to ajoin on a adventa it can be the ultimate walk in the park . we could get some hanime downs. set indiv were able to provide me with my grind gear and even my computers where i use multiple characters on lone wolf farms. just reachen out enjoy the holidays, i speak espana en to prove work and gain asset
  2. Hi guys I use to play on SCHTHACK for about 5 years and then my account got deleted because I wasn't active for a couple of years, now their servers aren't even online anymore (oh well). So I came to Ultima in search of a new group of friends to play with as I believe the true essence of this game is to play with a party. I plan on streaming these play sessions on Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/murduskull) so I'm looking for people who want to participate on these sessions. We don't have to actually talk on skype or anything if you aren't comfortable with that, we can communicate purely through the game chat if you choose. I'm currently only lvl 3 and would preffer to play with other low level players to grow and level/quest together, hit me up if you're interested. Hope to see yall in game! - Murduskull
  3. With school and sports for me starting soon. I wont be on alot so about 1 hour a day at most but either way. I am going to leave this game for awhile of some reasons personaly and family related. I'll TRY checking forums dayly but i wont be on alot. besides know one would bother to like or talk to me from my trades and i really didnt do anythinig wrong but guess people in this world just dont like me... so im saying goodbye for now and hopefully 1 day once they stop playing or wont remember me. that may be the day i return. like to say bye to my team, the RedTemplers and all the people that backed me up or even help me out. i am truely sorry about the past but things wont ever change. Good Bye
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