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Found 10 results

  1. I've decided to play a force character, and i need help to get it started. Which one should i play, what's the quickest way to level them and is does anyone have any better then stock weapons they don't need? I would also like someone to play with frequently, with a flexible schedule, has a Discord and microphone.
  2. Popular setups Among Fo's: Coming Soon...
  3. Selling a Guardian Angel costume. Same stats as a min RR. Increases healing range on resta and anti techniques. 12 DT. PM me
  4. Hmu..
  5. Can I has it?~ kthnx
  6. Three Seals on sale, 25 pds, pm me.
  7. Starting my Force. Thinking about FOnewm, but I'll be needing a MG+, V801, Cent/Mind, (not sure on my mag just yet but probably a 5/0/0/195), and anything I may have missed. Of course Lindcray, Psycho Bridge, Merc Rod, ect. The usual OP Force weapons and stuff. Hit me up if you have any good deals on the end-game Force gear. TY.
  8. Hello There, I am in search for a Three Seals. I've been wanting one since 2008 back on Schthack server lol and I believe there is a possibility that i can get one on this server. I am currently saving up PDs and I AM planning on donating for Donation Tickets. According to game moderator CYANE 1 donation ticket = 6 pds and i Price Checked 3Seals and it came out to 25-35 pds; if you think otherwise, still message me please. I can do a mix of PDs and Donation Tickets, or we can work something out; please PM <3 * Make this FO lover happy
  9. I've been soloing MA4DMD with my FOmarl to get lame d argent, and I've been doing decently but I feel like there is probably an easier way to fight Dorphon with a force. I was thinking maybe a weapon that could paralyze, or confuse would be best or maybe a hell weapon, but FOmarls don't have the best accuracy (even at max). Anyone have any advice for a force hunting Dorphons? I've tried other quest like Warrior's Pride and Maximum Attack, but I don't think they would be the fastest method. Maybe doing some Restless Lion runs would get me more helpful weapons.
  10. Long story short, the group of friends I play with and I had played PSO before, but that was a long long time ago back on the original Xbox with just Episodes 1 and 2. My friend, being a little novice, created a human force, cause why not? Unfortunately he forgot that Human Forces cannot regenerate TP, so to get around this, we found a number of items that are supposed to steal TP. Which would be great and all, except for some reason they're not working? We've tried both normal and hard hits, different titled canes and staves, nothing seems to actually steal TP. Might the ability to steal TP be linked to the third physical attack he cannot use just yet? Or am I just being the old man I am, cause I remember it being linked to the hard attack. To make sure it wasn't just those items, I found myself some HP stealling equipment for my Hunter and ran into the same issue of HP not being stolen. Any ideas?
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