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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone have either an Nidra, Tellusis or soniti Mag for a FO?
  2. This is how how FOnewearl and FOnewm compare with the best possible gear and stats. Resta 1120 vs 995 (HP recovered) FOnewearl 11% stronger Foie (Glide Divine v.00, Ignition Cloak and Foie Merge) 1620 vs 1387 FOnewearl 14% stronger Gifoie (Magical Piece, Ignition Cloak and Gifoie Merge) 579 vs 626 FOnewm 8% stronger Rafoie (Psycho Bridge, Ignition Cloak and Hylian Shield) 916 vs 928 FOnewm 1% stronger Zonde (Glide Divine v.00, Tempest Cloak and Zonde Merge) 372 vs 307 FOnewearl 17% stronger Gibarta (Siren Glass Hammer, Congeal Cloak and Gibarta Merge) 22 vs 24 FOnewm 8% stronger Rabarta (Psycho Bridge, Congeal Cloak and Rabarta Merge) 25 vs 26 FOnewm 4% stronger Grants (Dark Bridge, Mother Garb + and Hylian Shield) 1397 vs 1327 FOnewearl 5% stronger
  3. I'm fairly new to Blue Burst and to this server. I played some GC PSO back in the day and I was glad to see a place like this. The tags have my current characters. My FOnewm is 50 and I've been soloing stuff in Episode 1 on Hard. The others are all high teens or low 20s at the moment. FOnewm - Zemut FOmar - Reziak RAmarl - Milenna HUmar - Thorim
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