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Found 3 results

  1. The Stat of the SS wont change nor the special. Only thing in consideration is the class usable and the range and now trowing there another option with the combo lock .. who knows maybe that's a thing
  2. Hey guys, I don't make very many posts on the forums aside from shmarmy, witty, and often unwanted remarks towards subjects I know little about (speaking honestly, although, I do admit it cracks me up quite often), but I recently was thinking about creating a novel of the game PSOBB, and it would be based off of the server Ultima, set in a world with fictional characters but the character's they play (aka the character's these said people in real life play on the game, will be based around the people on the server). Essentially, what this means is that I'll be creating fake human beings, but use the likeness of people's personalities from in game as the character's these people play as on PSOBB. I'll give you an example. Let's say that, for example, Soly tells me he wouldn't mind having his likeness used in the novel. I'd then do something like this: Boy 1 plays as a HUcast named Soly, often quiet though, he's a moderator on the server. Does a lot of good work for the server and it's people, generally very friendly when he does speak or say something, but is usually afk or quiet when he does come on. Something like this would be used (replace "Boy 1" with the name of the real life person), but I don't want to use people's likeness on the server as characters unless they are comfortable with me putting them in there, so as such, I'm wanting people to respond to the topic to let me know if they wouldn't mind having their likeness used in the story. And if you'd like, you can even put in what you think your character's likeness would be in the story based off of how you act in the game, if you so chose. All the names in the real life will be made up, I'm not going to ask you guys for your real names, although some of you may be okay with giving me it, it's not necessary as most of the story is fictional and filled with fictional events. If you're interested in this, let me know. I need to see how many people would be interested in this so I can take count to how many people want in, use their likenesses in the story, and then the rest I'll just make up as I progress through the plot while I plan out the main character's and what not. I already have an idea in my head who the main character will be, what his name will be and what he'll tend to act like (it won't be me, although I will put my general likeness as my character in the story as a completely random person, I'll be completely honest about it, I promise). Tell me what you think, if this doesn't take off with anybody, I'll just start writing and it can be a complete 100% fictional story about PSOBB on Ultima server, bearing no resemblance to anybody and anything that's ever happened. Tell me what you guys think down in the comments below, thanks. EDIT: This will be a list of the people that currently wish to have their likeness used in the story, this post will remain open until Sunday evening EST (Eastern Standard Time +0:00). Cyane (And all clones of the King Banana via her request) Soly (RAcast or Momoka, Hucast will not be added in via his request) Colorado (Flawless, unnamed class) Christian (Chris, RAcast) EDIT: This has been closed, thank you.
  3. I have an idea of how to choose a weapon most people will love. It also evolves the whole community. There should be a topic where everyone can post there item that they would like to see in the game. The gms can set the detail like the perimeters. Then the gms will choose the six ones they think are the best. Then everyone will vote on those six and the person who came up with the idea will get there name in the description or item's name. It will encourage everyone to post something because who doesn't want their name in an item's name or description? I hope one day this could happen!!
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