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  1. You can now redeem your New Year Cards (acquired during Christmas Event) for the following services. TYPE WEAPONS Redeem NYCs for one of the Type Weapons listed below with the special of your choice: 25 NYC - Type SH/Shot* 10 NYC - Type BL/Blade 10 NYC - Type DS/D.Saber 10 NYC - Type DS/Rod* 10 NYC - Type DS/Wand 10 NYC - Type GU/Handgun 10 NYC - Type GU/Mechgun 10 NYC - Type HA/Halbert 10 NYC - Type HA/Rod* 10 NYC - Type JS/J-Sword 10 NYC - Type KN/Blade* 10 NYC - Type N-SL/Slicer 10 NYC - Type RI/Rifle* 10 NYC - Type RO/Halbert 10 NYC - Type RO/Rod 10 NYC - Type RO/Sword 10 NYC - Type SA/Saber 10 NYC - Type SS/Swords* 10 NYC - Type SW/Sword 10 NYC - Type WA/Wand * obtainable from Beak's Cafe quest Available specials (coming with the redeemed Type weapon, cannot be added alone) : Hell Chaos Blizzard Burning Tempest Arrest Gush Geist King Demon Spirit Berserk Charge For 15 NYC, add 100% to any attribute of your Type Weapon (100% Native or 100% A.Beast or 100% Machine or 100% Dark). This applies only to the weapons listed above. REVERT COMBINATION Have a Gael Giel with wrong stats? Made a Dark Meteor but actually want a Dark Bridge? Think it was a mistake to make a Hundred Soul for a Hucast? Made a 0 hit Dark Flow? Now is your day with the combinations undoing. The price depends on the combination tiers. You will get back the required combiners to make the product you gave. For armor/shield combination, you get back the original slots and stats (if applicable). For 2-weapons combination, you get back one of the two [0/0/0/0] and the other one with the product stats (to your convenience). No special on unrare weapons and no grinders. For mag cells, you get back any mag (on which the mag cell was usable) of your choice with the original stats. Tiers 1 - 5 NYC: Magic Rock Moola, Magic Rock Heart Key, Magic Stone Irista, Star Amplifier, Parasitic cell Type D, Spirit Garment, Blue Black Stone, Syncesta, Berill Photon, Sange/Yasha, Guren/Shouren, Ophelie Seize, Part of Egg Blaster, Guld/Milla, Last Swan, Book of Hitogata, Magic Water, Halo Soul Tiers 2 - 10 NYC: Any mag cell but DPC, Stellar Shard, Chromatic Orb, Harmonic Resonance Core, De Rol Le Shell Tiers 3 - 15 NYC: D-Photon Core, Soul Booster, Proof of Sonic Team, Psycho Black Crystal, Photon Booster, Frozen Booster, Arrest Booster Tiers 4 - 20 NYC: Parasitic Gene Flow Here are a few examples: Dark Meteor + 20 NYC = Parasitic Gene Flow + Arms (with former DM stats, no special) Psycho Bridge + 15 NYC = Proof of Sonic Team + Dark Bridge (with former PB stats) Hundred Soul + 15 NYC = Soul Booster + Excalibur (with former HS stats) Gael Giel + 15 NYC = D-Photon Core + Kama (with former GG stats) Devil's Tail + 10 NYC = Heart of Devil + Devil's Wing (with former DT stats) Mille Faucilles + 10 NYC = Stellar Shard + Mille Marteaux (with former MF stats) Frank The Bunny Costume + 5 NYC = Halo Soul + Red Ring And so on... LEVEL 30 TECHNIQUES You can redeem 20 NYCs for one of the following level 30 disks: Foie LV30 disk Zonde LV30 disk Barta LV30 disk Gifoie LV30 disk Gizonde LV30 disk Gibarta LV30 disk Rafoie LV30 disk Razonde LV30 disk Rabarta LV30 disk Grants LV30 disk Megid LV30 disk UNSEALING Redeem NYCs to unseal any item with any killcount. 5 NYC - Lame d'Argent => Excalibur 5 NYC - Limiter => Adept 5 NYC - Swordsman Lore => Proof of Sword Saint 10 NYC - Sealed J-Sword => Tsumikiri J-Sword ______________________________________ You can redeem your NYCs with a Game Master, only until February 28th so make sure you did everything you wanted before that date. Note: Please if you are going to redeem several things on a same weapon (example: 15 NYC for a Type + 30 NYC for the stats + 60 DTs for 80 hit), do them all at once in order to save me some time. And for the people concerned... Happy Chinese New Year!
  2. This time, our favorite pets also want to celebrate the New Year, so New Year Cards will mostly be used to upgrade your mags! Here are the offered services. - Photon Blast Change Price : 5 NYC Swap or add a Photon Blast to any of your Mags. - Color Change Price : 5 NYC Change the color of any of your Mags. - Point Relocation Price : 5 NYC Add, move, or remove one point from the following stats: DEF, POW, DEX or MIND. - Mag Type Change Price : 10 NYC Transform your mag into any other existing mag. Only the type changes All other stats are kept from the previous mag (including the color) Must provide Mag cell if there is one - Weapon Hit Addition Price : 20 NYC and 60 Photon Drops Add 30 hit to any of your Weapons. Cannot exceed 70 hit total on a same weapon No Dark weapon Hit splitting allowed Attributes relocation on redeemed weapons allowed You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts. Happy Mag Year
  3. L33tserv VS Ultima Server Event Well L33tserv wanted to organize an event with us, to prove who's the best server and to start a great friendship with them. The event is fairly easy to understand : As some users already noticed, we added a quest named L33tserv Vs Ultima. The main goal is to play the quest and at the end of it, you'll get a Rank which you will submit on a website After this we'll count the points obtained on both servers, to see which one wins (the server with the highest score wins). We'll give prices to the winners, and to the user with the highest score : an Srank Weapon with the name of the event. The website to enter the code is not ready yet. I will post the link to submit the code when it's ready. The prices are still pending since we haven't finished the website, but you can practice in the meantime. Also along with the L33t event we will have Naka's Card event. For those who don't know about the Naka's event you can look it up in this topic --> Nakas. And everything is ready and running.. Have Fun... XD. Español Bueno L33tserver buscava hacer un evento con nosotros para ver quien es mejor de los dos y empesar una buena amistad con ellos. Este evento no es dificil de entender. Como muchos de ustedes ya han notado tenemos una quest llamada L33tserv vs Ultima lo principal aqui es terminar la quest asta el fin reciviras un Rango y pondras ese Rango en la pagina wesb depues sumaremos el total puntos obtenidos en nuestro server contra los de su server. y el servidor con mas puntos ganara. Daremos premios alos ganadores, y al usuario con el mas alta puntuacion le daremos una arma S rank con el nombre del evento. El sitio web para intorudcir tu puntuacion aun no esta listo, Yo posteare el link del sitio web cuando este listo. Los premios aun estan pedientes ya que aun no terminamos el sitio web Tambien con el evento de L33tserv tenemos Naka's Card evento. para aquellos que no conoscan acerca del evento de nakas pueden ir a este link Nakas. Y todo esta ya esta on .. diviertance. XD Português Bem, o servidor L33tserver procurava fazer um evento conosco para saber quem é o melhor dos dois servidores e também para dar inicio a uma boa relação para com ambos os servidores. Esse evento não é difícil de se entender. Como muitos de vocês já notaram, agora temos uma quest chamada L33tserv vs Ultima O principio dessa quest é termina-la e ao fim dela você receberá um Rank que você irá mostrar esse rank num website Após feito isto, nós a staff iremos contar quantos pontos cada servidor obteve, para vermos qual servidor será o vencedor [aquele com mais pontos vence], daremos premios aos jogadores, e ao jogador com a maior pontuação será dado uma arma Srank com o nome do evento O website para submeter os pontos ainda não está devidamente pronto, iremos postar o link quando estiver tudo certo. A lista de premios ainda está pendente já que ainda não finalizamos o site, mas vocês podem ir até a quest e ir praticando enquanto isso. E também juntos do L33tserver teremos novamente o evento do Naka's Card para aqueles que não conhecem o evento, segue o link do topico que explica do que se trata Nakas. Tudo esta pronto e rodando nesse momento.... Divirtam-se :3
  4. L33tserv VS Ultima Server Event Well L33tserv wanted to do a event with us, this to prove who is the better server and also to start a good friendship with them. the event is not so hard to understand. As some users already notice, we have quest named L33tserv Vs Ultima. the main thing here is to play the quest and at the end of the quest you will get a Rank and then you will submit your rank on a website after this we will sum the points obtained total in our server against their server. And the server with major score will win. we will give prices to the winners, and for the user who score higher we will give him a Srank Weapon with the name of the event. the website to enter the code is not ready yet. I will post the link to submit the code whenever is ready. the prices are still pending since we haven't finish the website Also along with L33t event we will have Naka's Card event. For thous who don't know about the Naka's event you can refer to it in this topic --> Nakas. And everything is already running.. Have Fun... XD. original topic --->
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