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Found 6 results

  1. Heyho, little chimps! I just want to ask if you do Main Quest (Government) in Ep4. Usually I do these alone, but if you've done or want to do them join me in PSO room (I always make this name). My character is Yuma, a Force man. I have two others, they are Nagi (for Ep1) and GunJack (for Ep2). Later I'll continue with these too, and will wait for you as well. It's sometimes boring to do these quests alone. I'd like to know more about the story, and have fun with you guys! I hope there are a few people here who play the game the way it's supposedly to be played. Which is nothing else than DO quests! I'll be waiting for you!
  2. A few things to note before you read: 1. This isn't the EXACT story. I don't know every tiny little detail. If you know there's something wrong, message me and I'll fix it 2. This only covers episodes 1 & 2. I don't know the storyline behind 4. If you care to message it to me, feel free. 3. This is actually kind of long. Don't read it if you don't care. Now, without further delay, let's begin with Episode 1: After extensive advancement in technology beyond our current reach, the pollution created by the mechanical age of man has caused the earth (Let's assume it's earth, a name is never given) to start to wither and die. Areas of the planet have become uninhabitable to human life, and these areas are growing exponentially. With this crisis at hand, planet earth sent out their bastion of hope: Pioneer 1. This ship had been sent after a planet that had been determined to be habitable by humans. The ship contained mostly soldiers, sent out purely to scout the planet in hopes that it could be humanities' new home. Ragol is the planet they found. At first, when soldiers were sent to scout out Ragol, almost none of the animals were hostile. Reports including the wildlife status and habitability of the planet were sent back to Earth. They saw promise in Ragol, and sent out another ship, one almost entirely full of the first group of people hoping to settle on the surface. Before their arrival, a large explosion occurred suddenly, and all contact with pioneer 1 was lost. When Pioneer 2 arrived, Pioneer 1 was missing in it's entirety. The structures that were created on Ragol were perfectly fine, however there was nothing to be seen of those who created them. They soon set down troops to the surface of the planet, however unprepared for what they faced. The creatures on the surface of Ragol, unlike the reports given to them by pioneer 1, were hostile and soon killed most of the troops they sent. The hunter's guild soon started giving jobs to hunters to explore the planet and find out what happened. That's when you come in. The protagonist's first destination is the Central Dome, the base of operations for Pioneer 1 operatives who were on the surface of Ragol. There you find the dragon that attacked you, with no new leads on what happened. The second location is an underground cave system. You find the De Rol Le, an experiment Dr. Osto, one of the scientists on Pioneer 1, was working on. It escaped into the sewer system and would have gotten much stronger had it reached the ocean. (Wink wink, Barba Ray) Next is a set of mines, where Dr. Osto's research took place. Finally it's the Ruins. The ruins have much more backstory than any other location. The ruins is in reality a space ship launched from an ancient planet that acts as a prison for Dark Falz. You fight him, defeat him, and save Pioneer 1. However, he was originally released when Heathcliff Flowen and Red Ring Rico fought him. That's the end of Episode 1. Now, before we continue to Episode 2, there's some things we need to discuss. Mainly, Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen. These two were personnel originally found on pioneer 1. After the explosion happened on the surface of Ragol, they were stranded without any communications with anyone but each other. They went through the same areas as the protagonist, with Rico leaving the capsules you find. Messages to explain their story and help an unfortunate adventurer along. They went through all 4 areas, finding and fighting Dark Falz. They, however, lost. Rico was killed, her soul stolen by Dark Falz. Flowen escaped, however not without injury, as the Del virus had infected him via. a wound inflicted by Falz. This begins Episode 2. 7 years have passed since the events of Episode 1. With signs of life mutated by an unknown contagion, the hunter's guild have continued the process of hiring hunters to explore Ragol. The VR Temple and Spaceship are tests laid out by the president of Pioneer 2 to find hunters capable of doing the job. When you arrive on Ragol, you're on an island named Gal Da Val. This island had a large number of facilities on it, and your job is to investigate an organism much larger than the other inhabitants of the island and seek access into the nearby facility. After using 3 access panels, one in the seaside area, one in the mountains area, and one in the jungle area, you return to Pioneer 2, and are given a task. This task is to explore a seabed facility found by Pioneer 2. This facility houses a large number of deadly creatures, as well as the Olga Flow in a shaft that was meant to be a disposal area. You defeat him and head home. This concludes Episode 2. Flowen, after getting injured by Falz, found his way to Dr. Osto's facility on Gal Da Val island. There, in the Seabed facility, he gave himself to Dr. Osto to study. His injury had begun to grow, as the Del virus was growing within him. Instead of notifying the other members of Pioneer 1 about the threat the Del virus posed, he began to take samples of it and started testing. He used the samples of the virus on various wildlife samples, to a dangerous conclusion. Eventually, he took his testing further, allowing Flowen's body to be merged with an AI, dubbed Olga, and the wound fused with it. The result of this ended up being Olga Flow. This is where our story ends. I'll be putting up a passage on Episode 4 in the instance in which someone decides to explain that to me, but I think even less people know the story behind Episode 4 than 1 & 2. It really is an amazing game. I hope you've all enjoyed. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys, I don't make very many posts on the forums aside from shmarmy, witty, and often unwanted remarks towards subjects I know little about (speaking honestly, although, I do admit it cracks me up quite often), but I recently was thinking about creating a novel of the game PSOBB, and it would be based off of the server Ultima, set in a world with fictional characters but the character's they play (aka the character's these said people in real life play on the game, will be based around the people on the server). Essentially, what this means is that I'll be creating fake human beings, but use the likeness of people's personalities from in game as the character's these people play as on PSOBB. I'll give you an example. Let's say that, for example, Soly tells me he wouldn't mind having his likeness used in the novel. I'd then do something like this: Boy 1 plays as a HUcast named Soly, often quiet though, he's a moderator on the server. Does a lot of good work for the server and it's people, generally very friendly when he does speak or say something, but is usually afk or quiet when he does come on. Something like this would be used (replace "Boy 1" with the name of the real life person), but I don't want to use people's likeness on the server as characters unless they are comfortable with me putting them in there, so as such, I'm wanting people to respond to the topic to let me know if they wouldn't mind having their likeness used in the story. And if you'd like, you can even put in what you think your character's likeness would be in the story based off of how you act in the game, if you so chose. All the names in the real life will be made up, I'm not going to ask you guys for your real names, although some of you may be okay with giving me it, it's not necessary as most of the story is fictional and filled with fictional events. If you're interested in this, let me know. I need to see how many people would be interested in this so I can take count to how many people want in, use their likenesses in the story, and then the rest I'll just make up as I progress through the plot while I plan out the main character's and what not. I already have an idea in my head who the main character will be, what his name will be and what he'll tend to act like (it won't be me, although I will put my general likeness as my character in the story as a completely random person, I'll be completely honest about it, I promise). Tell me what you think, if this doesn't take off with anybody, I'll just start writing and it can be a complete 100% fictional story about PSOBB on Ultima server, bearing no resemblance to anybody and anything that's ever happened. Tell me what you guys think down in the comments below, thanks. EDIT: This will be a list of the people that currently wish to have their likeness used in the story, this post will remain open until Sunday evening EST (Eastern Standard Time +0:00). Cyane (And all clones of the King Banana via her request) Soly (RAcast or Momoka, Hucast will not be added in via his request) Colorado (Flawless, unnamed class) Christian (Chris, RAcast) EDIT: This has been closed, thank you.
  4. In a PSOBB galaxy far far away lies a server named ULTIMA. There lies many hunters and GM's fighting together in harmony But little do they know they are being drawn into a.. REPERCUSSION OF EVIL! Season 1 Episode 1 Beginnings Episode 2 Profound Episode 3 Hope Episode 4 CRACK . . ​Episode 5 REVELATION End of Season 1
  5. The mysterious chronicle continues-----------------------previous one here http://www.phantasys...ssions-of-evil/ In a PSOBB galaxy far far away lies a server named ULTIMA. There lies many hunters and GM's finting together in harmony But little do they know they are being drawn into a.. REPERCUSSION OF EVIL! As the 4th annual christmas event draws near, the community of ultima prepares for the festivities and celebration. Many new and old faces should be there also. However things might not go as plan as everyone thought it would. Since ther infamous and most wanted wtfbbq item Parasite GayGene Flow will be dropping, theres bound to be drama and bickering.. When an anchient evil known as common sense or darkforce gives birth to another sibling to Olga Flow and Dark Falz. THE PROFOUND LULZ. Some say this evil is powered by the rage of PSOBB players from different servers, mostly from veteran schtserv users like ADE,Crono & ZER0 DX, Marky and so on. (Not to burn anyone) It all started when a hunter name blueford, who was well known and praised for being a great hunter. He was in the class of Heathcliff Flowen and Rico Tyrell.. Unfornately jealousy rained down upon this great hunter as the jealous hunters took away his power and mighty Sealed J sword, GuldMilla, Darthflow and Motav Profecy, and framed him for murder and treason and had him excecuted... As the evils of hate and revenge confined him, he fell down to hell screaming "I will seek my revenge on the PSO:BB private servers!!" This is where darkforce took action.. Darkforce said: lets see how these noob hunters can defeat my newest creation,THE PROFOUND LULZ. THE PROFOUND LULZ ran into many legendary hunters across all psobb private servers. ADE was once confronted by this evil but quickly defeated it by comparing himself to great minds like Plato. K_i_r_e_e_k qucikly bested this evil with his godly imperial pick and empress. But on our ultima, this darkness made one fatal mistake... THE PROFOUND LULZ snuck on our server and trolled everyone heavenly, allowing broomop to sneak into our server and cause trouble. It also possesed T.J and caused him to RAIGE! and put Lee in a state of having a nervous breakdown. It also may be the key behind Nami's retardation..(J/k xD) Anyway this evil was put up a fight but quickly and swifly defeated by Godric,Chuk,Dizz,and Buns in a 4man team of point of disaster. Finally, Larva and the other GM's used thier powers to seal away this evil. Was ultima safe? Was all the psobb servers safe? Will this evil come back again? IF IT DO, WE WILL BE READY FOR IT! maybic..
  6. A story i made. Bueford Faber waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were MONSTERS in the Ruins. He didn't see them, but had expected them for years. His warnings to Principal Tyrell were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. Bueford was a hunter for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the Spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy." Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY MONSTERS & SAND RAPPIES" There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the control room of the Ruins he knew there were monsters. "This is Principle Tyrell" the radio crackered. "You must fight the MONSTERS!" So Bueford gotted his Cannon rouge and blew up the wall. "HE GOING TO KILL US" said the MONSTERS. "I will shoot at him" said the CHAOS SORCERER and he fired the rafoie. Bueford plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill. "No! I must kill the MONSTERS" he shouted. The radio said "No Bueford. you are the MONSTERS" And then Bueford was a arlan.
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