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Found 6 results

  1. A couple changes have been applied so that players can acquire meseta more easily by their own means. STARTING MESETA New characters now start with 15,000 meseta in their inventory (instead of 300). New accounts now start with 50,000 meseta in the shared bank (instead of 0). BANK CAPACITY The limit of Meseta you can store in every bank was increased from 999,999 to 9,999,999. Inventory limit remains unchanged. MESETA DROPS All meseta drops values have been increased. This applies to every episode (I, II and IV). Their frequency is the same (which means meseta won't drop more often). Boxes Normal: +250 to +500 Hard: +500 to +1000 V.hard: +750 to +1500 Ultimate: +1000 to +2000 Enemies Normal: +300 to +600 Hard: +600 to +1200 V.hard: +900 to +1800 Ultimate: +1200 to +2400 Bosses Normal: +2000 Hard: +4000 V.hard: +6000 Ultimate: +8000 Example: Viridia Bartles used to drop between 90 and 110 meseta. They will now drop between 1290 and 2510 meseta. QUEST: THE VALUE OF MONEY 2 A new quest where everyone can farm meseta is available. It is located in Episode 1 > One Person > Special Meseta > The Value of Money 2 After you helped a couple by telling Gizel to stop wasting their money for weapons in The Value of Money, the latter would like to thank you for the savings you had them achieve. Quest reward is the same for all difficulties: 150,000 meseta. Please let me know if you find any bug or typo. And as a reminder, here is the list of other Ultima top quest meseta rewards (on Ultimate) Mysteries of the Void: 100,000 The Tentacular Truth: 100,000 Battle of Beaufort: 100,000 Caverns of Gloom: 200,000 full clear The Gloom Spire: 200,000 base, +50,000 per rescue Tower of Dreams: 325,000 Intelligence Defense Systems: 150,000 main quest, 329,748 with bonus room Harmony of Despair 2: 333,333 Cal's Clock Challenge: 400,000 for full clear with 4 players Capital of The Unreturned: from 125,750 to 750,000 depending on ending ____ Note that Game Masters will no longer host "Meseta rooms".
  2. Title, Selling PDS for meseta please let me know the going rate as im currently still trying to figure a number Thanks!
  3. This event has ended Results: 1. Shoutgu 2.PSOAddict 3.makaveli 4.Abousweid _____________________________ SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW CLOSED Golden Battle Event Time for a new event! Since there are some requests on this kind of events, I'm making one. Rules are simple: -subscribe on this thread. (Thanks gmstone) How to: -Get ready to be called in for battle. -Don't kill the watcher/disqualification if this happens (can't earn points from him) This event will consist in: -We will do rule 7 of battle mode for the first round of this event, battles will happen Saturday and Sunday, I'll be calling several of the subscribers to enter battle during those days (at random times) and only the winners of the first one will be able to enter the next round. If you miss all your battle calls, you are disqualified. (If you really don't want to miss it, check if i'm online on the forum and you can pm me for a battle call). -Round 2 is rule 4 The prize(s)!-winner picks first -Prize will be a fabulous Charge YASMINKOV 9000M +3 [0/0/0/30|60]>Turning to 80 hit -ANTI DARK RING -Psycho Black Crystal -PROOF OF SONIC TEAM Deadscribers, you'll be mist: (traduccion??) Round 1 Colorado Wilson - mudkipzjm Abousweid - Stark 1 sauce -Christian shoutgu-faelynn dmoney1969- brando92 yanvbraz-Fyrewolf5 ardh2005-starlord tru-Virec PSOAddict-ultrajerky ryukin-gmstone scott18-makaveli Round 2 ardh2005-dmoney1969-makaveli Ryukin-Abousweid-Christian tru-PSOAddict-mudkipzjm Fyrewolf5 - Shoutgu
  4. Buenas tardes a todos:) Este post lo cree con el fin de que todos y cada miembro de este servidor sepa que aleatoriamente estoy haciendo partidas con el nombre de "Free Meseta", obviamente es para regalar meseta xD. Esto es para todos aquellos usuarios nuevos en el servidor y aquellos que se les dificulta algo conseguirla como recompensa de las quest que realizan no tengan que pagarle a alguien mas para que les llenen sus bancos, yo lo puedo hacer las veces que lo necesiten Cuando esté conectada no dudes en pedirme mesetas, es para ayudar a todos los usuarios desde el mas nuevo hasta el mas viejo Me pueden bucar en el juego como: Nephenee o Daniela- n_n :onion-head01:
  5. Holaaaa soy nuevo en este juego y necesito meseta o armas lo que puedan regalarme lo que no utilizen gracias


    Hi there guys! I need some meseta (mag farming is expensive). Willing to pay in PDs. Post here or contact me ingame. Also looking for 5 heart of morolian, want to pay 5PDs each. Thanks
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