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Found 2 results

  1. So after about the 14th time in the past 3 days of being killed by dark falz's soul share i think its clear not a lot of people are aware of what he's actually doing there. So for the sake of not constantly dying to that move due to people not knowing whats going on, and to save loads of other peoples bacon too, i shall explain. What he does when you see someone float out of their body and then show up in Falz's big ol chest mouth is taking part of their soul and sharing it with himself. What this essentially does is cause the person who's soul he is sharing with himself to take any damage he takes. Which means if you keep blasting him with all your crazy magic and guns and the like that damage is going to your teamate. 3 peoples damage going to one person typically one shots a person. I've been killed and seen people killed so much due to people just continuing to blast him without a care. So basically. He starts sharing a soul? You keep that wand, pistol, rifle or oversized cannon put away till he stops. Only person that SHOULD attack is the soul shared one. And thats only if they got an HP stealing weapon to negate the effect. Thank you for viewing this PSA. And heres to not losing anymore moons to Falz's soul share. btw im not sure if this is okay here or it should of gone in help/tips. Correct me if this is the wrong place.
  2. I've been having a strange problem, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time (around 50%-75% of the time though). While fighting Dark Falz in his 3rd form, when he gets to the point after taking enough damage and right before he would start the Soul Steal move cycle (for the first time) he moves to the upper area to begin casting and I crash before he sends his homing shots. It has been fairly consistent and don't know if it has something to do with my files, Falz himself, or something within the PTS/TTF/or other quest that causes it to crash (happens more often in PTS, did PTS a lot even before the halloween event as well and had issues then). It is less consistant on standard runs without a quest, but still fairly common in TTF and other quests that have you fight Falz. If Falz completes the first cycle in the Soul Steal move, it has no issues beyond that and continues normally. Did a reinstall, same issue. I can deal with it, however it is very frustrating. Thanks!
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