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  2. These are items I am willing to trade for pc's pd's and other items. I am an item collector and just because you offer thousands of items doesn't mean I will trade them. Hunter Weapons Black King Bar+22 Jizai+16 DB's Saber Kaladbolg Flowen's Sword+6 Last Survivor Dragon Slayer+8 Blade Dance Bloody Art x2 Cross Scar x3 Brionac Vjaya x2 Gae Bolg Asteron Belt Geist Diska Diska of Liberator Diska of Braveman+2 Photon Claw Silence Claw Twin Brand Brave Knuckle Angry Fist God Hand Sonic Knuckle Elyson Sting Tip Red Saber+15 Meteor Cudgel Red Partisan+16 Flight Cutter Musashi Yamato x2 Asuka Sange Kamui Demolition Comet Vivienne Kusanagi+2 Guren Maguwa Daylight Scar+22 RANGER WEAPONS Justy-23ST x3 Tempest Vulcan H&S25 Justice L&K14 Combat x3 Holy Ray Inferno Bazooka Yasminkov 3000R Yasminkov 7000V Yasminkov 9000M Photon Launcher Guilty Light Red Scorpio Ano Bazooka+3 Nug-2000 Bazooka+1 Custom Ray ver.00 FORCE WEAPONS Club of Laconium x2 Storm Wand Indra Ice Staff Dagon Caduceus Windmill x5 Rabbit Wand The Sigh of a God Branch of PakuPaku x2 ARMORS Sense Plate Flowen's Frame Aura Field x2 Sacred Cloth Black Odoshi Domaru Red Coat Select Coat SHIELDS Secret Gear Custom Barrier ver.00 Standstill Shield Secure Feet x4 Regenerate Gear B.P. UNITS God Mind x2 God Luck x2 God HP Resist Devil All Resist Perfect Resist Wizard Technique Cure Poison Yasakani Magatama x2 CELLS Cell of Mag 213 Heart of Pian Heart of Angel Heart of Devil Kit of Hamburger Panther's Spirit Tablet Dragon Scale I also have Materials,Grinders,Enemy Parts,and Techniques.
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