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  1. Sadly I don't have any pics of my account from years ago. I would just think it is bizarre that my low level characters have a bunch of heavenly units but a level 5 MAG but maybe thats just me ;D
  2. No family or friends who would know about the account. I guess that is what I am asking is if there were any way to trace the IP and/or location that my account has been logged in at and potentially roll it back to a time before it was logged in by someone else other than myself or figure out how to return the items/characters a different way. I have already changed the password and made it much more complex
  3. No some/most of my stuff is there. It was this server I did a bunch of farming to get the Rappy MAGs and built up 3 to 200 for the different for each Hunter, Ranger, and Force. I still have the MIND one which is strange but can't find the other two. Thanks
  4. 42003411 is one of my characters. How would I know the # for the deleted ones or are they all the same?
  5. Hello, I havent played for years and when logging back on I noticed some of my items are missing. Specifically a lot of max level MAGs which is the only thing that makes playing a low level fun. Some of my characters seems to have been deleted/recreated as well. Anything we can do about this? All of my logins would be in the same state so anywhere else would indicate there was something going on. I don't have specific dates or times of anything as like I said I haven't played for years. Thanks
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