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    I say!

    Is that you Lyle, my good fellow?

  2. ok so even weirder my color on pso only goes out when i connect an i pod 1 st gen up to my computer o.O so i guess that solves my problem, I know this is kinda off topic but what build of windows 7 do you have? I have 7100
  3. I should check that out. I just wondering cause It didn't do that on vista last night before i updated and restored all my drivers. I hate my NVIDIA card XD
  4. [solved] The color goes in and out every now and again while in game but it works and doesn't crash, Just thought I let you know before anyone makes a post about it. This is the new Windows 7 program set to release in October so hopefully it's fixed by then . If you have windows 7 you should be running it on Vonline.exe Peace
  5. Thanks for the heads up and i will lol
  6. yep my new account works, oh well. I'm used to restarting after many random memory card accidents so I'll be ok. Thanks for all your help!
  7. Is there a such thing as my online account is screwed or corrupted cause I've i tried all 3 of my house computers and no luck, so i'm just going to register a new account and.......start over.... ugh
  8. I was reading some of the other bugs and i have the same issue as the topic "stucked" It just freezes at that screen...
  9. I'm from MI and not a clue, I just uninstalled the program and am re installing it to see if that changes anything. UPDATE -still doesn't work
  10. Ok so I'm having troubles logging into my account. Once I press enter on the update screen Pso kinda just sits there, all of the characters (symbols) are moving on the background and what not but the character select screen is not popping up and I've already tried restarting my computer. The odd thing was i was just signed in 15 minutes ago got off for a minute and then when i tried to sign on again it just sat there.
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