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  1. @theancientsam knows that I appreciate him a lot. I appreciate him fixing his sleep schedule just so he could intersect his gaming hours with mine ❤️ u da man
  2. Hi Depending on the hit, I think it is around 15-20 DTs. I might be wrong though.
  3. hey i do have another king striker sitting in my bank, lmk when you are in game and i can give it to you
  4. The moment I saw your C3 Shogun character in game, I knew we'd get along. It's a pleasure playing with you during down times bb ❤️ I appreciate you too!
  5. sure thing I am currently online if you are available for trade
  6. Got FTD for sale but I got De Rol Le Shield and Secret Gear too
  7. !bump added stuff for sale
  8. okay im about to go online now, sorry for the delay
  9. Hi, sure! Let me know when you are available for trade
  10. Hi I would like to take this *Rambling May (0/0/0/40|45) ~ 15 DT DM me
  11. !bump added items for sale
  12. hi im currently online, ill make a room named RDizzy
  13. LOL i see your point xD will edit it now for you kotta
  14. !bump moar stuff, updated wants and shop features
  15. !bump added some stuff
  16. !bump added/restocked some stuff
  17. ill just be taking the kroe's sweater for now please
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