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  1. Kotta The Arrest Needle is nice, but I don't have nearly that many photon drops. killswitch I would hunt for it myself, but I don't have the ID or time. Thank you both for your help, but someone just sold me one so I'm good now.
  2. I'd like to buy a Spread Needle for Photon Drops. Not picky on it's statistics, but would like one with balanced %. Let me know how much.
  3. it says episode 4 Dorphon for Whitill or Redria 1/393.
  4. thanks for the help. I was using this site https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/drop-charts/ultimate/#mobepisode2 they had been right so far.
  5. According to all the info I find Thirteen from Mil Lily in episode 2 with a Whitill, but when I do that cure/poison is the only rare that drops from them. Any info on where this armor really drops would be most helpful.
  6. Sin-r

    PD Shop

    This is my first time in the forum so if I do something wrong just let me know. I'd like to buy the fallowing: Spread Needle 35/0/0/0 - 3pd V801 1pd
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