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  1. yep, 640x480, 32-bit color, windowed, with v-sync ticked... game window comes up with a blank black screen for a few seconds then goes away. it at least made it to the sega/sonic team logos before crashing last time i tried but this time it's not even making it that far. just checked and set the entire folder to malwarebytes exclusion list to be sure and it doesn't seem to be a case of av eating needed files.
  2. ok, got the launcher to download annnd... it still crashes upon startup every single time no matter what i do. here, i'll include the error logs from after these attempts. *snirk* >.> as if this'll help any... error.log generic.log spec.log here's my actual system specs. dxdiag and... windows 10 home intel(R) core(TM) is-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz 64-bit, x64-based processor DxDiag.txt
  3. i was going to try again just now only malwarebyte is doing everything it can to stop me from downloading either of these things here. apparently you guys have a trojan or something in your files and malwarebytes won't even let the download links for them work at all. while virustotal has a 21/69 result for the launcher.exe for pretty much the same reason. trojan/malware/etc..
  4. mmm...nope, sorry but that was the first thing i tried (1600 x 900) since i know some older games have issues with fullscreen and higher resolutions. i do find it odd that this game has a "word wrap" setting though. figured sega would've used a VWF font for the game. don't think i've seen that in a MMO before.
  5. never played this game before so i went looking for a private server but after registering > downloading > installing > updating... it gets to the "SEGA Sonic Team" logo screen then crashes no matter what i try. windows 10 and i have no idea what's wrong. (don't you just LOVE it when games crash with no error message or ANYTHING to tell you what went wrong?) edit: oh wait, there is a "log" folder but both the generic and error log files are blank text files while the "spec" log file says Driver :nvldumd.dll Description:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB VendorID :000010DE DeviceID :00001C02 SubSysID :82FC103C Revision :000000A1 DEVICE :HAL-HARD
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