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  1. Solved. So, it worked on a fresh installation. Comparing side by side with a new installation I stripped down all diferences in files till they got identical. But the game still wouldn't launch on the old install. Same amount of bytes, dates, everything. The only thing left was that my old psobb.exe was set to compatibility mode for wxp sp2, turning it off solved the problem. So whoever wants to try this, remember to turn of compatibility mode on your .exe, including any launcher, cause child programs will follow parents rules, or smthg, idk, I'm nor a coder. It feels silly that comp
  2. I'm aware of the d3d8tod9, I have a basic idea of how it works, in theory. I'll try it on a fresh installation when I have the chance, I fiddle at lot with my current one, so maybe I screwed up something. Thanks =)
  3. Now that's some timming. I just found out about post processing in PSO yesterday and was a bit disappointed I couldn't get the newest version of re-shade to work with it. After messing around with it a bit I figured I'd have to compile a custom version myself and edit some stuff I had no idea how to do it so I just accepted the fact that I was stuck with the older version, which still was very cool btw. The eye adaption shader looks amazing btw, it really feels that much more like true HDR . Anyways, I downloaded the pack and followed the instructions, the only problem is... it won't laun
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