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  1. I'm using a raspberry Pi loaded with unix thats emulating windows ME, hooked up through a USB to 1/4 inch microphone jack, submitting morse code for each button press which is then parsed and interpreted by a virtual machine remotely on my Tallahassee node which is then relayed through the Helsinki hub, and retransmitted via satellite phone to a receiver module that is connected to my bitbean gpu mining rack controlled by my laptop.
  2. Yeah, this has been the story so far with pretty much anything windows 10. Seemingly simple tasks become muddled with workarounds and compatibility hacks. Even my xbox one has inexplicable issues with microphone detection. Overall it's a sign of the times and where microsoft has lost the very desirable ease of use and reliability that got them where they are today. It's one of the reasons that most of my computing nowadays is done from my linux laptop. It gets frustrating when you spend days trying to rectify problems you get from 'updates' that are supposed to make your life easier and your OS run more smoothly. The start menu is shit... cortana is an unstoppable memory-whore. And updates are all but mandatory while privacy, simplicity and reliability are all out the window. It's why you don't try to fix what isn't broken. My linux laptop boots from totally cold and dark in a matter of seconds, uses 1/10th of the resources of windows 10, and with far less formidable hardware underneath the hood (try 8gigs of ram versus 32gigs, you'd think an extra 24 gigs would make OS performance hits completely negligable but NOT with windows 10)
  3. That does the same thing that xpadder does, which is emulate the keyboard. I am using xpadder now, and it works even if a little janky. I've had to modify some of the keyboard bindings to get a control scheme that works as close as intended to the original controller scheme, but as I said, I'd much rather keep it clean and use the default controller settings as so many others have been able to do with the xbox one controllers.
  4. Yes, another user has sent me the link to that driver. I have tried it, and it basically means you have to overwrite the newer driver and force install the older version. The process is fairly simple, you just have to go into the device settings and update driver, choose to manually select it from a list of available drivers and choose HID-compliant versus the XINPUT version. For some, it has worked to iron out wierd issues like stuck joystick calibration and stuck buttons, however, when I tried to do it and restarted I get a 'driver error' message under the device profile and the gamepad is no longer recognized even by windows. (my controller will vibrate momentarily to signify this error when plugging in or restarting with it plugged in) I wish it would help me, but I've tried to do this several times now with the same results each time: I get that driver error message and the controller simply won't even work at all. (right now, the controller is detected flawlessly with windows, just doesn't work with PSOBB)
  5. I can go to the menu where it shows the key bindings for the controller and lists the different options available that can be changed for the gamepad (like Z axis, buttons 1-10, D-Pad etc) however, none of these values can be changed, because it does not detect when I hit any of these buttons. I assume that's what you mean by the 'controller menu', because I don't see any other options that explicitly relate to the controller elsewhere. I have been using xpadder to remap each individual key on my keyboard to the gamepad as a temporary fix, but I really want nothing more than to use the controller with default mapping as it were intended. I have read elsewhere that there is a compatibility issue with how recent Windows 10 drivers for xbox one controllers recognize the device as an XINPUT device rather than an HID-compliant device (as it used to be) and PSOBB does not have support for XINPUT. I find this hard to believe because of the limited functionality I still get in the character select screen, but maybe you can confirm or deny this?
  6. Neither of my xbox one controllers have LEDs to indicate whether or not they are controller 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. These are just plain xbox controllers that came with the system. I have restarted, and reinstalled PSOBB several times, and tried plugging it in before, and during play. Nothing seems to work. I even pulled the plug to my keyboard/mouse to see if it would somehow force it to default to the gamepad and nothing seems to work. It's so odd that I can use the controller to select my character, but any other dialog treats my controller like it doesn't exist. I have also tried disabling the keyboard controls in the settings and have found that this does nothing and still allows the keyboard to be used so I'm wondering what that's all about too.
  7. I have an Xbox One controller hooked up through USB. Using Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. The controller is detected in windows 10 and all the buttons/sticks are responsive in the device properties. The problem is when I get into the game, the controller just doesn't work with one exception: prior to selecting my character and landing on the ship, I have limited functionality. When I am in the opening screen (just after launching) I can use the A button (button 1) to skip to login like normal. When I get to the login dialog itself, I have to use the keyboard again and the controller will not work to select different options. Then after I've put in my password/sn, I can again use the controller to make my character selection... proving that the joystick and d-pad works fine. BUT after I've selected my character and the square dialog box pops up in the right (that asks if I want to confirm my selection or change outfits etc) my controller cannot be used to make any selections here or to even select confirm. So I go back to keyboard. Then after loading and getting into the ship/lobby all controller functionality is gone. What's going on here and how do I fix this? Thanks.
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