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  1. I woke up to  a  blue screen from microsoft telling me I'm unsupported and I  need to buy a  new Pc. Make's me think Bill Gates isn't making  enough money? and is actually behind the  bugs & viruses.  It's the  beginning of internet apocalypse. Buy new Pc, protection or get infected. Just  some light heart sattire...don't  freak out.

  2. 1 hour ago, Lipelis said:

    Enhanced Pumpkin & Cursed Cat are here 💀



    So you basically just copied  my Symbol and  changed a few  things...lol Nice try   You don't think someone else could  make a  similar chat? I posted this  before you and now you pop up with a similar one...sad.  You don't own the rights to what chats people  make. You could  have 50 people say you made it, but as  you  said yourself you deleted that char long ago.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Lipelis said:

    Lol I made this symbol in 2017, ask @drdingus
    More people from my team DankFlow at time know that it is from me.

    Sorry that it is similar to what you made 2 years ago. Do  you have any proof or  an Image to  compare  it  to?    I didn't copy this from  you.

    1 minute ago, RogueZ said:

    Sorry that it is similar to what you made 2 years ago. Do  you have any proof or  an Image to  compare  it  to?    I didn't copy this from  you.

    Since there is  a  problem with you claiming You  made it.. I will withdraw my  entry.  

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  4. On 7/29/2019 at 7:18 PM, Kikori said:

    There's one simple step that can be taken to make this server better. Take a step back and realize you're on a server dedicated to a nearly nineteen year old game that only attracts an incredibly tiny amount of people. This is a small community. I like small communities; people know each other well enough before long that you've got connections, easily recognized names and faces, support and comradery that can ascend further into real life friendships, all the stuff you don't find as easily in much larger places. All due to a very old piece of work, a game old enough to be considered an adult, that has basically fallen off the grid for what its original creators put their foot down on.

    This is the online version of a social club that gathers multiple times a week for board games, card games, movies, grill-outs, whatever club your happy and socially healthy elder relative may have talked about in the past. The only difference is it revolves around a game where teamwork is not only encouraged but expected, where time spent needs to feel rewarding, and challenges need to remain.

    It's safe to say, a lot of people here understand these three needs. After all, we've had no less than four topics about people trying to offer their two cents on the balance of one new item because the majority of them care about class balance, an item's worth, and the loss each other suffers when a change to an item wastes time and money spent on said item.

    Larva, I still don't envy your position because the head of a staff has to deal with the most crap and do the most thankless work. But how you treat the above facts is, as Mud summarized, hurtful to the community.

    The community cares. You make it a point to not include them.
    You offer no transparency about discussions. Then your exact opinion on the result happens. Not only that, but down to the letter.
    After promising a discussion, you mention your staff was involved in a discussion, but later make the changes on your own whim and cause one to play catch-up in figuring out what you changed.
    During the conversations about the item, you lose your cool and shitpost, proceed to mock others, and rebuke more "shitpost" from someone calling out your offense.

    I quote one Julius Campbell to Gary Bertier: "Attitude reflects leadership, captain."

    We have an entire topic devoted to improving the server, but for the sake of really removing one of the big problems the server has to keep players around, my two cents? Events. They're wonderful because people come around... for a week or two. Then people get the one thing they want once it's found out, and they're gone for a while. Then another event, everyone's back for their item upgrade, buy the base, new item... and gone. There is no reason whatsoever every single item can not exist as a static drop year round.
    We have a 1/10000 chance sword for a single ID against a creature difficult to kill en masse. Is a 1/10000 chance for a PGF from Falz for one uncommon ID year round so detrimental to server stability? 1/15000 chance for C/battle from Epsilon for one ID? Serene Swan is now basically an in-between of mid and high grade pistol, it can probably keep the 1/1500 drop rate from Sorcerers for one ID (still making it harder than Spread Needle and Panzer Faust combined, upgraded to superior items anyway).

    Nobody cares what mud says...

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  5.   I completed this insane quest with 3 other people that didn't speak my language. Pack  a lunch. I did get to fight the Lava Olga and got the rewards. It took about 2 hours and 100 moons. One of the players was lvl 120. The quest is very well put together and intense. I'm not telling what rewards I got because I don't want to spoil for anyone. Thanks R-78

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