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  1. Re-Up, new version with new screenshoot for the setting game launcher. Virtual screen: On Vsync: On Advanced effect: Off Fog: Pixel Fog Maps: depending of your PC Dielp of field: Depending of your PC ULTIMATE_ENBLITE_FOR_PSOBBU.zip
  2. Hi! I make multiple enb settings for PSOBB, you can show this on the video and download him with the link (you can find other video for the rest of settings in my youtube chanel). In folder: HDR MEDIUM (in video) CEL SHADING (in other video) WITHOUT BLUR & HDR (in other video) HDR MAX (in other video) Link: http://dl.free.fr/jcqLNIeEI Video to the best setting for ENB perf/quality: And for Nvidia user, i make a profil for PSOBB, this add ssao & aa : https://www.noelshack.com/2017-33-1-1502723934-sans-titre.png Create a profil
  3. Bonjour Merci à tous pour cet accueil chaleureux. Et encore merci, chaque partie en est assurément un.
  4. First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to discover a game of my childhood, and secondly I would like to share here my little work on an enb for this wonderful game. If so, can you tell me what topic? Thank you very much. Mok@. Sorry for the bad english, i'am french.
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