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  1. In my opinion those weapons are okay ish , but it's true that none of them truely feel special , yes none of us got forced to grind them , but does that really matter ? , i think that a weapon with such low droprates and event only should not necessarely be superior to others but it should at least feel special and rewarding to own them Im all in for the multi targetting feature , even tho Larva said it doesn't work/isn't possible , there are many proofs [SOMEWHERE] *coughs* that it is indeed possible and is absolutely not a game limitation . Everyone here has an opinion on those weapons which is great , but some of them lack a neutral point of view , i do not own those weapons , but unique weapons SHOULD feel atractive to people that doesn't have it , and should feel special for people that have it , that's the point of events in many games , getting something unique that obtainable only in a specific timeline , im saying it again , they don't have to be stronger , they have to feel special and unique.
  2. If you don't see the difference , you might be using a high latency monitor , or just an old monitor , or not be watching in 720p60 , or maybe your computer itself can't really do a video playback at such a framrate ( wich is common with old computers) going from 30 to 60 fps isn't a graphical improvement , but more of a quality of life thing . if any modern game ( wich pso bb isn't ) having more than 30 FPS is crutial as you can react and see moving stuff much clearer than a locked 30 fps game , and that is important especially in FPS or fast paced games . and if this is what you are trying to say , i understand that 60fps isn't necessary at all for PSOBB as it isn't by any means a fast game . oh and the video above that compares 30 to 60 fps isn't really good , the guy doesn't even get to a stable 60 fps , here's a good one : also @Soly you don't necessarly needs the next frame , a software can guess what will be the next frame by comparing the ones before , i think that process is called Extrapolation as an exemple if you have a black background image with a white dot on it , and the next image is the same image but the white dot is offset by 1 pixel to the left , a extrapolation algorythm can guess that the next image will be the same dot offset by one more pixel this gives the same effect as interpolation but yeah it could cause more noticeable visual glitches . anyway , im not a really good programmer neither devlopper , but i like talking about that stuff !
  3. I know that has never been really possible for PSOBB as people already tried i m not sure , but i am guessing many timings in PSO are based on the framerate so unlocking the game to 60 fps would cause problems , that's the basics of what i heard / seen Now , almost no one thought about using this technique , maybe an external DLL or somthing like that could be injected in to the game to add a framerate interpolation filter on top of it , so it wouldn't affect the game in anyway , and still give us 60 FPS I did some ressearch about this , and some of it leaded me to a video encoder called SVP (Smooth Video Project : https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Main_Page) wich makes one media player able to play a interpolated 24 - 30 fps movie at either 60 or even 120 FPS live , of course i don't have much more information than that but maybe something could be done using an external filter to do this instead of trying to alter the game itself ?
  4. Hello , im not a really active user in this forum neither ingame , but a while ago i discovered something called Framerate interpolation wich is basically doubling up the frames of a 30fps video (in my case) and letting a software "guess" what frames should be in between to make it look like a 60 FPS video sadly , this was not me playing live , it's an added video effect , there is ways to have live frame interpolation for some games but that's kind of a tricky thing to do . I've also seen people doing this with filters using OBS (https://obsproject.com) But there wasn't much information on how he did it , i mean it would be cool to be able to play PSO BB with a "Simulated 60 fps" in live if you have processing power to spare ! So yeah i just wanted to showcase that video : Be sure to select 720p60 on youtube to be able to notice the difference :
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