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  1. Hevanly/TP Del Rappy - Vh - Greenil (ep4)
  2. Name:wneivf Age:30 Preferred contact method: Discord or Skype I guess ( wneivf#6373 on discord and wneivf on skype ) Hobbies: other than the obv gaming (I loved PSO episode 1 and 2 on the gamecube and wanted to play it again , hence here I am) I'm mainly a xbox gamer and currently loving overwatch and destiny. I'm a big TCG gamer and I love Cardfight Vanguard and Magic the Gathering Picture: maybe another day A little more about your self: I'm from the UK , I like playing games both board, card and vidya and I enjoy watching wrestling. most my gaming is on xbox but I wanted to scratch the PSO itch I occasionally have and I guess it would be nice to play the game with other people for the first time. maybe see some of you around ^^