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  1. Game crashes after starting

    I am beyond confused. After all this troubleshooting and trying to fix this issue. I decided to run a system optimizer in my antivirus BitDefender, cleaned disk and registry. Restarted comp after and the game started up perfectly (20+ hours of tinkering and all I had to do was press one optimizer button /cry). Appears to be some error with registry, but absolutely no clue how to pinpoint what the issue was. Either way, thank you to all to helped troubleshoot. Game is back up and running!
  2. Game crashes after starting

    Will do. I did add it to the exceptions of BitDefender, but I will try disabling altogether just to see. Unfortunately that didn't work either. Welp I guess it just won't work. I did however get it downloaded fine on my laptop. It is old as death, but at least I can play the game. Just a bummer. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it!
  3. Game crashes after starting

    Currently no I do not have that enabled. Just a little confused because I have not downloaded or done anything on my computer in the past week (besides download this game), the game ran fine for a few days and then just started doing this.
  4. Game crashes after starting

    Thank you! Also, That didn't do anything either =/. Thank you for your response though, appreciate it.
  5. Game crashes after starting

    I have this same issue. Downloaded and ran game for about 3 days fine. Then After patch last night cannot get into the game. Get the same black screen the second I click play from the launcher. Deleted absolutely everything multiple times. Re-downloaded, same thing. Double checked that I did not have it also downloaded on my other drive. Unfortunately the black screen gives 0 information as to what could be the issue. Turned off firewall completely, still same deal. Tried adding the game to my exceptions, didn't do anything. And I have tried launching the game from the launcher as well as from the direct exe in the folder. Anything look out of the ordinary?