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  1. 25 minutes ago, ZenReborn said:

    It's kinda shitty to dissuade a new player from posting issues when we are a small community as it is.


    Things like that causes a community to die.

    "The rules are what separates us from the animals" And the rules apply to everyone, without the rules it is faster for a community to fall ;) I applaud you that you are teaching him and giving tips, by the way you can teach him the rules, and what you can and should not do. see ya x3

  2. 19 minutes ago, ZenReborn said:

    And you can ignore him. At very least what he's posting is relevant to the game. 


    I'm not bitter. I'm just pointing out the obvious.

    Nope, you can't ignore someone who makes a post for literally everything, even asking what a trimate does. There is a limit to post, because by making multiple posts you are outshining others. It's simple common sense, see you x2.

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  3. 31 minutes ago, ZenReborn said:

    "Man, seriously you don't have to make a post for every question you have... That's what the chatbox is for"


    That's pretty rich coming from the guy always spamming his love for Lobotomy in the chatbox. That's what DMs are for. Nobody wants to read that either, my guy.

    It's a public chat, if you mind reading me or Lobotomy, you can just ignore us and that's it. People comment what they want in the chatbox (as long as it's not offensive stuff) Your comment just makes it clear that you're bitter. See ya

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  4. Man, seriously you don't have to make a post for every question you have... That's what the chatbox is for, there are also several Topics where you can post your question, like this one:

    You really don't have to make a post for every question you have, write it in the chatbox or you can also join the server discord and ask your questions in the general chat. https://discord.gg/DePeHzk3 

    Good luck


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  5. Yes S rank launcher is the best s rank for ranger

    Of one-hit hell weapons, the best would be yas7k, he has 5 more ata than asteron and I personally love his firing animation

    Also Arrest faust is better than frozen, for the simple fact that frozen cannot be accumulated, but arrest yes, if you basically don't understand when you hit special arrest, the effect is reset, but with blizzard that doesn't happen, you have to wait for the effect to wear off so you can use it again.

    Yas9k gush with df? I didn't understand that here bro, yas9 is only for rangers and df is only for hunter, but anyway yask9 gush is a "fun" option to use, at least I wouldn't use it, it would be to have something else in the inventory that it will occupy space. A ranger literally only needs Dark meteor, effect weapons like arrest/blizzard and impact weapons like demon/hell, a basic set would be dark meteor+frozen shooter+yas9k demon and with that you can do quite well if you are looking for something cheap. The ranger's job is to impact the game, deal damage and always keep his distance

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