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  1. Well, I have been on the server a few days now, and thought i should stop in and say hi, so ya... Hi.
  2. It is my normal bank, though I had recently switched from my common bank. The bug still occurs, but as I said above, only if I try to scroll up past the topmost item. Char name is: dreenk (with one "space" after the "k") GC is 42097620 Thanks for your time
  3. Ok, so I went to deposit an item into my bank and my game crashed to desktop, with a windows tab stating that a problem had made psobb stop working. Same thing happened when I went back to check if said item made it into bank before the crash. After further trial and error it seems to only happen now if I'm trying to take an item out and attempt to scroll up past the top item on the list. I'll try to get a screenshot if that will help. Thanks. - Dreenk317 hopefully this screenshot shows up.
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