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  1. Guildcard: 42153089

    Character Slot: 4

    Date/Time: 18/11/2015 around 12:00 am central time

    Description: My Kumara turned into an Ila by logging out and back in. Can you please reset it to a Kumara? It really matters for feeding patterns. (this is referring the the lower level of the two Ilas, as I now have 2).

    Off topic but don't you want a more suitable forum name rather than your personal email address ?

  2. Not yet. It's best to play in windowed mode anyway as it gives you the freedom to do other stuff on your pc. You could set the maximum windowed resolution suitable for your monitor then strech the window fully to accomodate space.

    There is an auto-hide option too for the taskbar if you want more pixels.

  3. I apologize before hand for this very basic question. Like its so basic I feel ashamed asking it >.>

    Do NHH attacks have an accuracy bonus or something? I played pso maybe 7 years ago for a few months and have started again here 2 months ago. By habit always do this and don't know why lol I probably read about an accuracy bonus 7 years ago and it's just sorta stuck. However I know that monsters kinda get stunned when we attack them too. Is that why it's a suggested attack pattern?

    So is there some sort of accuracy bonus? Or is it just a placebo effect and no accuracy is affected at all?

    I have only observed that with S, N, S but in general no. These are some random figures of chances thrown out to get an idea N=90%, H=75%, S=50% though character stats and weapon hit rate can alter success.

    It's kinda tricky to expalin... when a monster is in moving mode with range for example and you use H or S attack first with a gun you will miss regardless of hit.

  4. Thank you for your information guys.

    I found what seems to be a bug yesterday which kind of explained my problems with hard mode - I tested damage received from a booma in hard mode one person mode and damage recieved from a booma in hard mode normal (multiplayer) mode - I took less and damage and required fewer hits to kill boomas in multiplayer mode.

    Yeah now I recall that Olga was boosted to prevent easier farming in solo when hunting PGF. It's possible all mobs could of recieved a slight buff too, if anything you could try pm'ing Larva about it.

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  5. How does one get type-(letter) weapons?

    You need to do Episode 4 Max Attack version 2 (Cant recall specific name) then once you gathered points go to Rappy Roulette under shop. To add, you will be rewarded base on the class type.

    CanI some one tell me price of SN 35hit??

    ... I need person who's great at pricing things.

    0'd Spread Needle is around 3 to 5 photon drops at most. I would try 30 pds min to a maximum of 50 pds. Try your luck :onion-head80:

  6. First and foremeost welcome to Ultima! :onion96:

    Now to try and answer you questions...

    Q Have there been any changes to monster stats? I am playing one person mode in hard forest, lvl 45 humar, really struggling... maybe its just cause I havent played for a long time? I am sure I used to do it at lvl 30 odd.

    A Might just be the gear you currently have and mag being low level. In solo mode monsters are weaker compared to normal online. Also to elaborate there is a boost to the classes of +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA, EVP I cant recall and LCK remains the same at 100.

    Q Any changes to drop files from the originals?

    A Some drops have been altered. Here is the drop chart (Its located at the top of the page) http://www.phantasystaronline.net/droptable.php

    Q My game crashes randomly - from opening the armour shop to putting meseta in the bank, are these known issues, any fixes?

    A Crashes do occur but not frequently. Try and avoid keeping inventory full at 30/30 as Radezz stated. Please read the pinned posts under Bugs and Crashes for further tips!

    Q Any recommended quests that are new to this server?

    A There are several quests. Lost Riot Raygun Ep.II, MA4DMD Ep.IV just to name. You can find more info about quests by using the search functions.

    Hope that helps.

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