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Private Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server since 2008

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical issues

The launcher starts up, but when I click "Start game" the window closes.

You chose the wrong resolution, go into the options of the launcher and press the question mark next to the resolution to see which ones your computer supports.

I can't type in the game so I can't log in! What should I do?

Your keyboard settings are wrong, set the input method to American. There is a guide on how to do this on the forum.

The patch keeps looping over when I start the game. How to solve this?

Run online.exe in administrator mode, make sure your antivirus isn't blocking the update. If that didn't help, go to your PSOBB installation folder and look for a file that ends with the .pat extension. Rename your old PsoBB.exe to PsoBB_old.exe and then the PsoBB.pat to PsoBB.exe. If this also doesn't help, take contact with an admin.

The game gives me error nr. 903 and doesn't let me connect, what went wrong?


  • The server is offline due to a crash or update.
  • You have a problem with your internet connection.
  • Your firewall or antivirus is blocking access to the server. Try turning them off or adding PSOBB as an exception.

My inventory got wiped, how do I get my stuff back?

Post a topic about it in the Bug & crashes section on the forum with as title : need rollback. A GM will take a look at it and ask you to specify what happened. Provide all information you can and screenshots.

The game says I'm banned, yet I haven't done anything wrong...

This is a known bug, the server randomly bans people for a short while, it goes away after max 3 days.

My mag suddenly has wrong stats after transfering it, help?

Make a topic about it in the Bug & crashes section on the forum. Explain what happened, put all the information of the mag in a clear way. (Level, stats, colour, photon blast, ...) + you guildcard and character slot. A GM will replace them.

General questions

Is playing on PsoBB Ultima free?

Yes, you can play this game as much as you want totally for free. The server lives of donations and efforts from a dedicated staff. All the donation money goes to the rent of the physical server and forum software.

I lost my ingame password, can I still recover my account?

Yes, head over to the Ultima control panel and follow the instructions. In case this doesn't work or you're missing other info, send a PM to an admin on the forum.

I come from another private PsoBB server, can I transfer my account?

No, we don't transfer characters. The experience rate is 3x easier than the original one so you'll level quickly anyway. You can still donate for items if you absolutely want it.

I want to start my own PsoBB private server, can you guys help me out?

No sorry, the PSO player pool is already small enough as it is. More servers mean that the small pool gets divided even more. This causes the game to die even faster so we don't help in setting up yet another PSO server. There are enough out there already and most of them are almost dead already.

What changes are there to this server versus the official SEGA one?

See the forum.

What is crack mode?

This is a second ship with monsters that are buffed insanely. Only pro's can hope to survive in this crazy tough mode.

Can I connect with my dreamcast/gamecube to this server?

No, unfortunately this server only supports the PC version of PSO.

Can I play with a controller/game pad?

Yes, an XboX controller, Playsataion 3 controller or even just a regular gamepad is compatible with the game. Some however do require an extra driver to be downloaded and installed before being able to use it. Buttons can be remapped ingame in the options.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is a little mini event that can be activated by certain GM's to increase the droprate of rare items. The items will drop 3 times easier during 3 hours. An announcement will be cast every 30 minutes to show the remaining time of Happy Hour. The lobby will also have a flag and cherry blossom trees.

I want to join the staff of PsoBB Ultima, how can I apply?

Normally you can't directly apply unless you are good at something specific PSO related (skinning items, creating quests, etc.) Be active on the forums, be helpful ingame. Have respect for every member and if you stick around long enough we might approach you to join the ultima staff.

How do I donate?

Click on the orange donation button on the forum or on the main page to get redirected to the donation procedure. In exchange of your donation, you will get item tickets that you can exchange for weapons and other items on this list : Donation list . When you made your choice, pick up contact with a GM providing your confirmation number, donation amount and the items you'd like.

My question isn't listed in this FAQ, where can I get an answer?

If you have an important question that isn't listed here, go check out the forum and either make a post or send a PM to any admin/GM to get an answer.