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All items listed below will be available for PDs with the option of DTs should it be necessary.


PM me to reserve items or if you wish to purchase something. Reservations will only hold for a full 24 hour period, after that it's fair game again.


All prices are final and non-negotiable so don't try to barter (most everything here is fairly cheap anyway).


Certain items like one's that come from events I can trade for, those items will be marked with (trade).


If I do not reply to your PM, do not spam me or I will ignore you.. I'll get to you, relax.


I will update the list regularly, sorry for the lack of stock at the moment but more will be available soon.


Power Mats x191- 5:1 PDs

Deband lvl 30 -3 PDs

Shifta lvl 25 -1 PD

Grantz lvl 23 -2 PDs

Jellen lvl 25 -1 PD

Resta lvl 30 -2 PDs




v801 x4 -2 PDs each

Red Ring (min) -60 PDs or 10 DTs

Anti-Dark Ring -60 PDs or 10 DTs

Standstill Shield -3 PDs



Sange 35/25/0/0/30 -5 PDs

Soul Banish 25/25/0/0/50 -10 PDs

Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/35/20 -5 PDs




Strike of Chao -5 PDs

Godric's Cloak -10 PDs

Glide Divine v.00 -15 PDs







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