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Stuck in Lowest Res / & Inventory Nuked...


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Forgive me if this has been addressed...I am starting back up with PSO (yes, I play around the holidays--I don't know why! Nostalgia! (thanks Ultima for making it possible))...

When I started playing again, I was getting like, 20 rares per run (at first I thought it was the Anniversary Event - and I thought it was awesome!). Many rares didn't seem "right" or had weird names. I figured I needed to update to the new launcher. When I did, I felt like some of the prior items in my banks changed to crap items. Kind of a bummer, because I had some halfway decent stuff (see attached ~ Limiter, Yasmanikov9K, etc. turned to stuff like FreezeBarrier and generic Mechgun+1 - not cool).


PC is decent: Win 7~64, i7 970, 24 GB RAM, Quadro 2 GB, etc...
New launcher crashes every time. "PsOBB.exe" is the only .exe that gets me into the game without instant crash (and that was only after I manually patched over the files with the newest patch download).

**Worse, I cannot access "options" in the launcher, so I cannot change resolution or troubleshoot.

I tried the following:

Admin mode, compatibility modes, etc.,
Uninstalled the old installation,
Deleted folder of old,
Reinstalled the new game download,
Manually patched over files






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Then something else is breaking my launcher, since having 4 or above will let it run.

Do you know what is the event viewer?
Do this:

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Type Event Viewer
  3. In the left panel, navigate to: Event Viewer (Local) > Windows Logs > Application
  4. In the right panel click on Clear log... .
  5. In the confirmation window click Clear.
  6. Run the Launcher
  7. In the Event viewer press F5
  8. Check the new logs and see if one is related to the launcher, if you find any error related to it, please post the information here.
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