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Weapons. :onion118: :onion89: :onion89:

Hell Diska 25 hit-1pd

DARK METEOR 40 DARK, 50 HIT ! ! ...... only trade for a dark flow with the same hit...

Demon vulcan 10 hit-1pd

Valkkyrie 20 hit (lol)-7pds

Earth wand brownie-3pd

Rainbow Baton 35 hit-4pd

Vivienne 35 hit 5 pd

Daylight scar 25 hit-5pd

Armor and shields :onion120: :onion120: :onion120:

Aura field 4 slots-2 pds

Blue odoshi violet 4 slots-4 pds

Stink Frame- 1 pd

RED RING-70 pds or ofter :v



Striker Plus-2 pd

Units. :onion57: :onion57: :onion57:

Devil battle-1 pd

V801-3 pds

Smart link-4 pds

Heavenly battle-4 pds

Heavenly ability x3- 6 pd

Centurion Ability-5 pds

Centurion Power-10 pds

Techs :onion-head83: :onion-head83: :onion-head83:

Level 25-27 : gifoie,zonde,jellen,barta,Gizonde,foie

Level 28-30 : Gibarta,Resta,rafoie

Grantz lv 19 and megid 15

Misc Items O.o :onion124:

Parts of robochao-2 pds

Heart of opa-opa 3 pds


Magic rock "moola"-3 pds

Heart of angel and heart of devil..- 7 pds for the two :onion102:

Kit of hamburger-ofter

Phanter spirit-ofter

KITS: mark3,master system,genesis,sega saturn,dreamcast-Ofter

Tablet-4 pd

Pioneer Parts!!!-Ofter!!!!!!!!

Ashura mag cell x3 :v 6 pds

WELL THAT'S ALL FOLKS XDDD :onion113: :onion113: :onion124:

THX FOR VIEW :):onion88: :onion88: :onion88:

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