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Found 2 results

  1. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    Happy 8th Anniversary -= Ultima =- Is that time of the year that we celebrate to be here. 8th years here with open doors to any enthusiastic PSO addict. During this year many changes were placed, as for example we change the game server to another dedicate server.... twice! we also moved the website to a dedicate server. The forum got themed and revamped websites tools in to it. There's no other PSOBB server older than us, we have been online the longest time than anyone else...... yet we have been criticized by others, we have been attacked literally attacked our website and server. But we keep working to keep bringing a great experience to all the player. I been here for 8th years sometimes I absent from the server for days, but that's it. i don't believe I have stop login for more than a week. Its true that I'm not alone and I'm not the one who make everything happen. I get the help of a great staff. All of them doing something different and helping in everything they can. To the staff ... Thanks for helping and giving your time for ULTIMA thanks @Soly@Cyane@serverus@Fyrewolf5@kajex@Lemon and past members too. We want to celebrate with you, with out players we wouldn't be here. Thanks to all the players who make this possible .. ... . Thanks TO ALL!\ This year, many of the drops have been spread out a bit to more places. No new items in this event. Event will end Dic-12-2016 Photon D - Core & Sonic Team Armor Here's a little list of what we included in this event. You might be familiar with the items of last year's event. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drop Table Naka's Cards - Ultimate Dark Falz: Purple Red Oran Yellow White 5⁄64 Vhard Dark Falz: Viridia Green Sky Blue Pink 2⁄73 Ultima's Engine - Ultimate Shambertin: Green Blue Pink Red Oran Yellow 1⁄16 Vhard Olga Flow: Purple Red Oran Yellow White 2⁄85 D-Photon Core - Ultimate Olga Flow: Viridia Green Sky Blue Pink 2⁄93 Asteron Striker - Ultimate Detonator: Sky Blue Purple Oran White 1/243 Ultimate Ill Gill: Viridia Green Pink Red Yellow 1⁄284 Sword of Ultima - Ultimate Detonator: Viridia Green Pink Red Yellow 1⁄292 Ultimate Ill Gill: Sky Blue Purple Oran White 1⁄365 Sonicteam Armor - Ultimate Dark Falz: Green Blue Pink 1⁄256 Ultimate Olga Flow: Red Oran Yellow 1⁄227 Ultimate Shambertin: Viridia Purple Sky White 1⁄227
  2. Ultima December Event 4th

    Out of a cheer feeling of nostalgia, I'll post the event trailer from a few years ago, made by blue. Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima starting from the 17th December Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress' xD Here is the drop list for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate: Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate: Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie Saint Million Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Galatine Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Valkyrie Kondrieu Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Girasole. Ragol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate: Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector. Vol Opt v2 Ultimate: Special Drop: ASTERON BELT / KROES SWEATER Dark Fallz Ultimate: Special Drop: Df Shield V.Hard Gal Gryphon V.hard: Special Drop:Harisan Fan / Game Magazine BarbaRay V.hard: Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo Gol Dragon V.hard: Special Drop:Murasame Saint Million V.hard: Special Drop: Rambling May Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Tension Blaster Kondrieu V.Hard: Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai Ragol Dragon V.Hard: Special Drop:Green ring / Syringue De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard: Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe Vol Opt v2 V.Hard Special Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) Dark Fallz V.Hard: Special Drop:Daisy Chain+ The special drop for the bosses will end the day January/7/2012 Esperaremos a los Reyes Magos por eso hasta el 8 xD. And the most awaited Item : Parasite Gen Flow obviously Olga flow will be dropping it P.GenFlow date: Starting from Dec-22- ending January 1 2013 Drops are not 1/1 so don't start posting that the items are not dropping if they don't drop after a few runs.