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  1. @Larva @Soly @chuk @serverus @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @Cyane @Lemon Hello everyone!! I would like to share an idea I had for a quest and I hope I can get some comments. Since a while ago I’ve noticed that there are a lot of weapons that are considered useless in the game (Unless the weapon has a good hit %). What has caught my attention is that most special weapons don’t have any value at all in shops. I thought that maybe there could be a quest in which you can exchange a certain amount of items for a pd. I don’t want this quest to be easy of course, it would have to be challenging before getting to do the exchange. A quest in which you first have to kill some monsters and if you manage to do so you can exchange your items for a pd. For example 5-8 items of the same kind (5 last survivor for 1 pd, 8 god/hp for 1 pd) and the reason I consider it should be the same kind of item is because generally in one mission you’ll get a lot of repeated items. It would also be good to, in the same quest, be able to sell your special weapons for a 20000 or 25000 meseta (for when you need some meseta) I think the idea that you need a lot of the same item gives it some more challenge, but it doesn’t need to be that way necessarily. It could be that they only ask you for a certain amount of special weapons but that would make it all easier. Maybe the number of items should be higher (10 special items for 1 pd or so). The quest could be in Ruins because quests in Ruins are played a lot and you can get some good drops on the way. Most important thing is that this quest should only be playable on ultimate difficulty so you can exchange your items by the end. I think it would be very good and would lead to looking for different items of all kinds and would lead to players wanting to play more on different quests. If this quest is possible sooner or later and the exchange is done by giving a certain amount of the same special item, some of the most common could be considered. Like: All god/… devil/… cure/slow cure/poison. Weapons like the lastsurvivor, silence claw, gae bolg, diska of liberator, diska of braveman, bravace, LK& combat, victor axe, elysion, red saber, sange, demolition comet, Vivienne, flamberge, kaladbolg, db’s sabers, guardiana, storm wand: indra, mahu, kamui, crush bullet, windmill, Vjaya, wals-mk2, twin Brand, stag Cutlery, Guren, inferno bazooka, maguwa, M&A60 vise, red scorpio, guilty Light, angry first, Froozen shooter, cannon rogue, Cross scar, Club of laconium, Club of zamurian, caduceus, Berdysh, Agito (any model), ano bazooka, sting tip. and more... Of all these a lot of them just get in the way or are sold for just 10 mesetas… I think the most ideal thing would be that a NPC receives 10 special items and gives you 1 pd for them, or that it receives 5-6 identical special items to get the pd, without having to specify the item (I mean that if we give away 5 lastsurvivors the NPC recognizes them as 5 of the same item, same for all other items; 5 vivienne, 5 demolition comet, etc.) I think this could be a good idea because it will give players motivation to go look for rare items in general, there’s people who try to go looking for an specific item and never get it while others get more than one in one play, this way you could at least be comforted knowing that you can exchange all “useless” rare weapons you find for some pds and with a chance to get something in the way. This quest shouldn’t have a final boss because then there would be too much to be won in it. The point of the quest would be finishing the level to get your useless special items exchanged for some pd which are useful in the game. If only the exchanging NPC is implemented I think the exchange should be more than just 10 special items. Why 10 or more? Because one account has up to 5 banks and you can have up to 1000 items, and considering a 10 special items for 1 pd trade, then 1000 items = 100 pd. Not everybody would have an account with 1000 items in bank but anyway many will have a lot of items saved just for saving. I’ve played this game enough to know that in some quests you can get 10-20 special items (if not more) so in theory it could be really easy to get 10 special items. So yeah I think the exchange should be more than 10 items if the NPC will receive any (20-30 items) because it isn’t that hard to find lots of items with no use (if you play a lot) obviously the bank should be working in the quest to keep your items saved because obviously you can’t be holding 20 items if you’ve got all your equipment with you and it would be very uncomfortable to go to the quest and just get 1 pd :P. This could also help players have their banks clean also it would give a use to all those useless special items, and also a reason to play in any level to get special items. To finish and after saying all this I would really like to see a quest like this and honestly I wouldn’t care if the item quantity was ridiculous (like 50 items for 1 pd) I would like the challenge of looking for more special items and then go to a difficult quest to exchange those items for some pds. And don’t forgot the most important. If this become to real, I would love that my character was the character of the quest. Something like an "Ana G's Deal XD (ok no, I just said). What do you think?
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