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  1. EVENT STARTS THIS SUNDAY! 21/04/2012 Ok so.... apparently I decided to go kamikaze on my account and well eventually this idea was born truth be told I can't even keep my bank clean and well there's always something someone else wants and well I suddenly craved to return to lv 1 again.... so I said to myself.... EVERYTHING MUST GO! o.o but giving you the items straightforwardly would be so lame... I just had to go out with a bang :3 therefore I'm gonna make a server-wide event where the major prize is my inventory. The event is the DYG challenge, the ruling can be seen on this topic: http://www.phantasys...mode-challenge/ however this time it's gonna be a team of 12 players vs the entire server. the rewards? you can choose any item from here: http://www.phantasys...and-opening-xd/ NO STRINGS ATTACHED! You want something? ask out! take note however the team of 12 gets to choose first, if the defending team of 12 wins, they get to keep the items they want, if they loose all the users who entered the room (win or lose) get the first pick. remaining items will be given first come first serve! BATTLE OBJECTIVES! TEAM MEMBERS: 12. KILLS FOR VICTORY: 30 If the defending team is wiped out, all raiders (players) who participated will get to choose items first! either way you all get an items :3 A FEW RULES TO TAKE IN MIND! The rules from DYG apply here, but this being a major event I added some extra ruling: 1. the defending team of 12 player can only have a MAXIMUM OF 6 level 200 players! meaning choose your members wisely! the remaining 6 players can be lv 199 and lower. 2. NO Resta, or Megid! FO's can be quite a drag in combat and you know it XD 3. NO Dark Weapons! meaning you're not allowed the use of Dark Flow or Meteor (or bridge for the matter LOL) HU's and RA's im not gonna go easy on you as well! 4. You are allowed to heal, via mates and fluids, however you are not allowed to restock in between combat nor go to the medic to heal. (if a player is running low on resources you can switch with another member who has mates left,) 5. you cannot give mates or fluids to another member, however the use of star atomizers is allowed. (up to 3 per player) 6. certain gear will be prohibited, (I'd like some users to tell me which gear and weapons to prohibit, because some gear can make battles easy as pie) 7. the player who deals the FINAL KILL (like killing the 30th raider, or killing the 12'th and final defender) gets to choose 3 items from my tradelist o.o 8. The 7 rules I just listed apply to the raiders as well! (ANYONE who enters the room to challenge the 12 players is considered a raider, and will be allowed to fight only if he or she agrees to the ruling) aside from that. ALL survival tactics, are allowed and please no swearing, keep it cool btw can someone translate this? (lazy LOL)
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