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  1. Hello I have not played on my account for a couple of years, and two days ago I started to play again. I have noticed that all my ultra rare weapons and my Light Blue Agastaya (mind) are all missing. I asked for help on facebook and that person told me I need to make a topic on the forum in order to receive my items back. I am missing the following: Black King Bar Excalbur Sange & Yasha TJ Sword Daylight Scar Red Sword Double Cannon S-Reds Blade Solferino Sigh of God Glide Divine Agastaya (15Def/0/0/185MInd Light Blue) For my weapons I dont remember the exact stats of them but I do remember having hit% on my BKB, Excalibur, and Red Sword. Please help me recover my missing items. It was a very difficult journey to obtain those ultra rare weps. I really love PSOBB and I appreciate everyone here on Ultima for keeping the best game in the world alive. By the way it is my 26th Birthday today so I am feeling very excited. Happy holidays Ultima Family & a Happy New Year!!!
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