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  1. Ultima Deep Dream Event EVENT IS OVER POLL IS OVER AND THE WINNER IS Mayte - Belle selfie Winner gets 15 dts - Mayte 2nd place gets an evp mat - Curry26 3rd banhammer from soly? - Griffeni and Ultra Jerky 4th 20 meseta - Skynub 5th you give me 1 dt :3 (no 5th place :c) tie will receive the same reward, except for first place, that will be settled if it comes to it. (you can choose if you want the "reward" or not) Just a silly event and I love the http://deepdreamgenerator.com program. Rules are simple Go to the the deepdream website from google above and put in a screenshot you have taken from Ultima server only, can be of anything, but from ultima. Only one picture per person, you can edit your submission post if you like to change, but only one, submitting two will get both thrown out There will be a poll later for the most cool/creepy/weird/strange/sp00ky screenshot from the generator Event ends on the 3rd, 1st place prize is 15 dts, much like my other picture event, runner up gets a random trash item (like cross scar) from my bank. Example **After hearing some problems submitting pics to deepdream, you may have to go to paint and change the format, this can be done by saving it as a different format**
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