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Found 4 results

  1. Bye.

    Its all in the title! Im quitting, for good this time. I dont enjoy playing here anymore, really just feels like a drain on my time, money (i donated once, and urge to do it again). I just dont like how being here makes me feel now. Its becoming a problem. So, im leaving, everything i have is free to take, some of it is good, and most of it is not, if you see me on again after today, im probably just going to be in the lobby. Meh. I dont know. Its good cause this has been an issue for me for months, and its not something i can cope with any longer. You wont miss me, and for those of you that want to stay in touch, skype is an option. Anyway, i dont have much else to say, id say thanks, and id say bye, but then in my head, im just like "what for" And now that sounds pretty mean, so i will at least say thank you, to those of you who helped me when i needed it, and to those of you who were here when i needed it. Phantasy Star has always been an aspect to my life, apart from the short gap between me finding ultima and the closing of Schthasdfghjkl or however you spell that stupid name, i dont plan to learn. Bye everybody. Regards, Holly. ((FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING MY ITEMS, A ROOM IS UP FOR TODAY))
  2. Bye Bye ultima

    i've been playing for about 7 months now and over the time ive seen several players quit pestered buliead or alienated. This server is an abomanation Bye Bye ultima im leaving my team legacy to Nessly No dont pm me about my items
  3. Caindo fora - leaving

    Ola a todos os meus amigos e inimigos tambem xD Estou aqui para dizer que estou parando de jogar nesse incrivel servidor chamado [uLTIMA] Vi que nesse momento que estou vivendo preciso dar mais atençao a escola e familia mas gostaria de dizer que nunca esquecerei de voces que me ajudaram desde o meu inicio aqui no server estou aqui ja faz 10 ou 11 meses me diverti muito com voces ^^ mas chega uma hora que ja nao da mais por isso ja deletei meus chars e tudo mais queria mandar abraços a meus grandes amigos conhecidos entre eles estao : ChiloE - me ajudou muito mas nao esta jogando louisking - muito boa nossa epoca no darkness Henry - meu grande amigo que sempre esteve ao meu lado no RedRibbon nunca esquecerei da sua ajudo Hero - um grande amigo que tambem me ajudou Guardiana - super legal ja me ajudou muito principalmente com aquela lame Bizarro - desculpe pelos 4 pds xD Serverus - ....me ajudou nas minha hora dificeis e quando eu havia perdido meu items elision - um GM brasileiro muito gente boa =D Magic Bun - voce é legal gosto muito de voce Mia - voce nao se lembra de mim =( Larva - nosso grandioso lider que é nao é só meu amigo mas tambem é amigo de todos do server oitenta B - U bish FOX_BR - fox_GAYr e mais outros gays que nao citei acima espero que continuem se divertindo muito estou esperando o PSO2 para voltarmos a nos divertir e formarmos nossa equipe lá adeus e até o pso2 Viva RedRibbon Viva Revolution X Viva Darkness vou sentir saudades de voces =( grandes momentos
  4. Long Time...

    With school and sports for me starting soon. I wont be on alot so about 1 hour a day at most but either way. I am going to leave this game for awhile of some reasons personaly and family related. I'll TRY checking forums dayly but i wont be on alot. besides know one would bother to like or talk to me from my trades and i really didnt do anythinig wrong but guess people in this world just dont like me... so im saying goodbye for now and hopefully 1 day once they stop playing or wont remember me. that may be the day i return. like to say bye to my team, the RedTemplers and all the people that backed me up or even help me out. i am truely sorry about the past but things wont ever change. Good Bye