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Found 3 results

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ULTIMA Hi Ultima It's been 15 years since we started this journey, 15 years since we stepped into Ragol to slay the first Rappy!. There are a lot of things that have happened in your life during the past fifteen years. For example, when I started here I had only one child, and now I have 3 more, moved to another country, changed jobs a couple of times, opened my own company and many more things. But the server has prevailed all these years, with the help of all the great staff that has been here for all this year. And of course Big shoutout to the OG crew who've been here since day one and a warm welcome to the newbies joining the ranks. You all are what makes this community awesome! Your passion, support, and pure gaming spirit have turned this place into the great community and PSO server that we are. I'm very grateful and thankful for been here and been part of this great community, for some users this just another online game, but for me Ultima it's just something that its part of my life, something that has been there since forever and that it will remain part of my life as long the server lives. There is one sure thing, I'm not as active as I once was, but the passion and the willingness of keeping the server alive it's something that hasn't ever gone away. Thanks Everyone!! Let's continue this journey together, crafting new legends and memories that will endure for years to come. I want to give a special thanks to @R-78 for all these years that she has stepped out for us, she has done a lot of work here, and put a lot of time into the server. She deserves a big thanks and recognition for all that she has done on her own. For another 15 years!!! Have Fun 15th Anniversary Event Combine Frozen Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Frozen Faust Combine Arrest Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Arrest Faust Both weapons can hit up to 8 targets just like Iron Faust. They hit the main target twice. Hucast cannot equip those weapons. (There is a hidden 202 ATA requirement) SonicTeam Armor 500 DEF 500 EVP 80 All resistances All classes Required level: 200 Asteron Striker Handgun 300 - 380 ATP 60 ATA Autolock Hell Special Ultima's engine Use on a mag Level 50+ to obtain Ultima Mag. D-Photon Core Use on a Kama Level 100+ to obtain Gael Giel. Mr. Naka's Business Card Exchange 3 of them for an S-rank Weapon with the special of your choice. Ask a GM once event is over. Add a Christmas Present to get a custom name on it. Sonic Magazine Wand 5 ATP 25 ATA Hand of Justice Handgun 400 - 400 ATP 65 ATA 25 Grind Demon Special Tyrfing Twin Sword 700 - 740 ATP 80 ATA 13 Grind Geist Special Sword of Ultima Combine it with Psycho Black Crystal to obtain Ten Years Blade Ultima Bringer's Good Luck
  2. I already lost count on how many times we been in the need to move to another server, 95% of the time it has been because the attacks that we use to present in the past. But this time is not the case XD . We have migrate to a better bigger newer faster Dedicate server. The bandwidth also promess to be better and faster. As of right now the ship and everything that is Ultima is running in the new machine. IF you present a problem or just want to say thanks XD feel free to post it here. But we have want to thanks all you of guys who make all this possible, the staff the members the funny guys oh and the rare ppl like cyan Have Fun Enjoy! ===================== Ya perdi la cuenta de cuantas veces nos hemos tenido que mudar de servidor, las 95% fue devido a atakes y teniamos que mudar. Pero haora este no es el caso, nos hemos mudado a un servidor mas potente, mas nuevo y que tambien promete un mejor bandwith de internet. Esperamos que todos disfruten esto. Si tienen algun problema o simplemente decean agradecer aqui es el lugar. gracias a todos lo usuarios que hicieron esto posible y a todos los miembros del staff que trabajan duro para todos.
  3. ULTIMA 7TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT It's been 7 years since we started this server, it's haven't been easy to keep the server all this years. Many people helped us during all this years. I want to thanks all members who have help during all this years many of them haven't got the recognition that they deserve, many of them are no longer here, but I got to know all the members who helped during all this years, good friends who had been in my side helping me. People who followed my vision for the server, people who gave all their enthusiasm and were here just because they wanted to see this server to grow as it is now. We never expected to be this big as now. we never expected to last all this long. We definitely were looking to be at this point were any person who knows PSOBB knows who ULTIMA is. I speak for all this persons who have been members of the staff, I speak for all of them by saying that more importantly ULTIMA it's here because of you guys the guys who keep playing, the ones who still believe in us, the ones who keep coming back the ones who have been giving us the motivation to keep this server, to KEEP PSO ALIVE. Thanks TO ALL! Enjoy this event, i know must users probably were waiting for new items this year, i apologize but i promise we will see new items soon ok.!!! Thanks everyone and have fun! Photon D - Core & Sonic Team Armor Here's a little list of what we included in this event. You might be familiar with the items of last year's event. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drops x3, for the whole server (see details for dates) Experience x2 (see details for dates) Rare monsters x5 (see details for dates) ESPAÑOL ULTIMA 7TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT Han pasado 7 años desde que empezamos este servidor, no ah sido fácil tener vivo el servidor todos estos años. Muchas personas nos han ayudado durante todos estos años. Quiero agradecer a todos los miembros que han ayudado durante todos estos años, muchos de ellos no han conseguido el reconocimiento que se merecen, muchos de ellos ya no están aquí, pero llegué a conocer a todos los miembros que ayudaron durante todos estos años, buenas amigos que habían estado en ha mi lado ayudándome. Las personas que siguieron mi visión para el servidor, personas que dieron todo su entusiasmo y estaban aquí sólo porque querían ver este servidor crecer como lo es ahora. Nunca esperamos que fuera ser tan grande como ahora. nunca esperamos que durara todo este tiempo. Definitivamente estábamos buscando esto, solo era dificil de creer. Pero haora estamos en este punto que cualquier persona que sabe de PSOBB sabe quién es ULTIMA. Hablo en nombre de todo estas personas que habían sido y son miembros del personal, hablo en nombre de todos ellos diciendo que más importante ULTIMA esta aquí debido a que ustedes los miembros que jugan, los que todavía creen en nosotros, los que siguen regresando los que nos han estado dando la motivación para seguir con el servidor, para mantener PSO VIVO. GRACIAS A TODOS!! Disfrute de este evento, y pronto veremos nuevos items. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drops x3, for the whole server (see details for dates) Experience x2 (see details for dates) Rare monsters x5 (see details for dates)
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