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Found 1 result

  1. Description The infamous ???? bug is known to scramble up the inventory and banks of players when performing certain actions : Storing an item in the bank Withdrawing an item from the bank Dropping an item on the floor Picking up an item from the floor Equipping an item Unequipping an item Selling an item Usually the user gets prompted with an error and gets disconnected. Then when logging back in the inventory or bank is corrupted with ???? items. Those disapear the next time the player logs in. Cause At this moment there are reasons to believe it is related to a bug in the sorting method of the inventory (both manual and automatic). It screws up the item IDs which gives problems when performing above actions. Testcases Preparations : A garbage character of any level/class that can get bugged At least 31 items in the bank or inventory (try to copy a normal inventory setup) A friend with the same conditions as above Stacked items as it seems to happen more with them being involved (monomates and such will work ) Tests : 1. standard test manual sort A. Deposit all your items in the bank B. Withdraw about half of them really fast C. Sort the items randomly in your inventory D. Deposit half of it back in the bank E. Withdraw as much items as possible from the bank F. Disconnect using alt + back space 2. traded items test A. Trade 10 items with another person proceed with standard test manual sort 3. disconnect while retrieving proceed with standard test manual sort except step F. instead do : F. disconnect while retrieving items from the bank by pulling out your net cable 4. drop items test A. Drop all your items on the floor B. Pick up about half of them really fast C. Sort the items automatically in your inventory D. Drop half of it back on the floor E. Pick up as much items as possible F. Disconnect using alt + back space 5. equip items test proceed with standard test manual sort but between E & F : F. Go into forest area & kill a few monsters G. Equip and unequip items several times 6. common bank test A. proceed with standard test manual sort but use the common bank instead of the regular bank 7. combi test A. Trade 10 items with another player B. Deposit all items in the common bank C. Take another character of the same account D. Deposit 10 more items from this character in the common bank (You should have an empty inventory now ) E. Withdraw about 20 items from the common bank really fast F. Sort your inventory manually (randomly) G. Withdraw more items from the regular bank till your invent is full. H. Drop 5 items I. Sort automatically J. Pick up the items again as fast as possible K. Store about 15 items in bank quickly L. Withdraw 5 items form the bank again M. Sort inventory manually N. Go in forest 1 and kill a few monsters O. Equip/unequip the items a few times P. Dc using alt + backspace 8. monkey test A. Alternate between sorting traded items and depositing/withdrawing items from the bank B. Repeat step A at least 25 times. More is better. 9. custom test A. Repeat above tests in different order and with different people. ( even GM made items can be used) B. Try to memorize your steps briefly in case you need to reproduce the test to get the bug How can you help Pick a few testcases and execute them. Report in this topic if the testcase was successful for you or if you were able to reproduce the bug. There are no direct rewards linked to this but you're just helping us and everyone out by doing these. Don't be afraid to do a test several times to try to force out the bug. If you find anything strange post here and we can investigate it deeper.
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