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  1. Ok. Since I have some stuff completely dead I'm trading some low key goodies for PDs/DTs. Most of what I have isn't valuable so I'm looking mostly for PDs, since I only accept DTs provived they below to this nº set {5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40...}. *I DON'T ACCEPT DTS OTHERWISE* Conversion rate (*unless stated otherwise in the prices*) = 1DT:8PDs Melee: Vivienne (40H): 5 pds Vivi (35H): 5 pds Vivi (30H): 2 pds Charge Calibur (55H): 5 pds Yasha (70H): 5 DTs Ranged: Rianov 303SNR-3 (30H): 5 pds Oph. Seize (35H UNTEKKED) x1: 5 pds Rage de Feu (25H) x1: 5 pds Angel Harp (35H untekked) x1: 5 pds Frozen Shooter (x2 15H Untekked): 1 pd L&K 14 Combat (35H untekked): 1 pd Diska of Braveman x2 (25H untekked): 1 pd Yas9000 (5H): 0,01 DTs Rambling May (25H untekked): 40pds/5dts Armors: Wedding Dress (0/0): 15 pds Units: C/Res x3: 10 pds (each) Utility: Photon Sphere x3: 10 DTs (each) Frozen Booster: 5 DTs Mr. Naka: 5 DTs I also have many useless mag cells I can give for free such as Ashura, Love Rappy's B., Kits (Hambu., DC., etc.), Panther, Hearts, etc. etc. and some lvl 20 supp techs (but not many). Ask if you are interested. Thanks for coming by sweeties ❤️ From now on I'll be also selling PDs for DTs. Each 10 pd = 1 DT. 1 PS = 10 DTs, PM me if interested. *Rates not negotiable*
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