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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am a new player and this is my first time playing Phantasy Star (other than playing PSO2 for a couple of weeks) so this is all very new to me. I am grateful for the amount of information out there but as a newbie I am pretty overwhelmed. I have looked at a few guides and read some wikis on basic MAG introduction as well as looked at some feeding and evolution charts, so if I ask questions that can just be searched I apologize but I am sifting through alot. My main concern is "ruining" my MAG or putting in alot of hours on a character and having done something irreversible. I saw people selling MAGs on here so that assuaged my fear of doing irreversible leveling/evolution/stat changes to my MAG that didn't align with an end goal, as I can attain another in the future. However, I started reading more about materials and their caps and limits and started kind of freaking out again- but I think that I won't accidentally just be using materials left and right and that the mats are probably just the items that actually have the world 'material' in them and not just things like mates. 1) Is there anything special about the MAG that you start with or can I 'rectify' an incorrect feeding progression with simply buying or finding another MAG? 2) Are items with the name 'material' in it the only types of items that have a consumption limit on them? 3) Are rare MAG evolutions based on the section ID that you start with or the section ID that you are in when the MAG evolves? 4) Are there any other limits or caps (other than items that affect my character's stat distribution) to something I can do or consume that cannot be rectified by purchasing or using something? (ie: is there something I need to not do on my character that can only be rectified by recreating my character?) I really appreciate any help, and I tried to avoid posting on here but I feel like my fear is holding me hostage to information searches so that I don't screw up. I love gathering knowledge but I would also like to be exploring the game for now as long as I am not making irreversible changes. If that means not consuming materials or feeding my MAG for now (will it die? T.T) then I am perfectly okay with that if those are the only things I need to worry about in the short term!
  2. Hello Ultima Friends! I am selling the following - Max Stat Mags for HUmar / HUnewearl / HUcaseal / RAmar / RAmarl / RAcast / RAcaseal Per the Ultima max stat thread, max stat mags for the above classes all fall into the range – DEF 5 POW 124 - 149 DEX 46 - 71 MIND 0 (https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21971-max-stats-plan-compilation-thread/) To best suit the needs of the most people possible (and maximize my sales audience ) – I have three mags currently at D5/P124/D46/M0 ready to continue feeding until level 200 as soon as order is placed. Specific for mags as followed - Nidra (Red) Mylla & Youlla / Farlla / Pilla Nidra (Yellow) - SOLD Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla Sato (Blue) - (SOLD) Mylla & Youlla / Estlla / Pilla Price for this group is 15 PDs or 3 DTs Item’s I am looking for, and will accept as trade – 100 HP Mats 125 TP Mats 150 Mind Mats ADEPT SMARTLINK V502 PB/Increase Mags can take up to 2 days to complete. Any questions please ask, thank you for looking!
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