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Found 3 results

  1. Heya, Clearing out my bank quite a bit. Here goes: Weapons: Bloody Art 15/0/0/0|30 Cross Scar 0/0/0/0|40 Cross Scar 0/30/0/0|25 Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0|20 Orotiagito 0/0/0/0|0 Agito (1977) 0/0/0/0|0 Soul Banish 0/50/0/30|0 Akiko's Frying Pan 0/0/0/0|0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/25/0|0 Ancient Saber 20/0/0/15|0 Yamigarasu 0/0/15/0|0 Red Saber 15/0/0/20|0 Black King Bar +18 0/0/0/0|0 Red Sword +52 0/45/0/0|0 Frozen Shooter 10/0/0/0|0 Frozen Shooter 35/0/0/0|0 Panzer Faust 0/0/35/0|0 Windmill 0/0/0/0|45 Panther's Claw 0/0/0/0|0 Kamui 0/0/0/15|0 Angel Harp 0/10/0/0|0 Demolition Comet 0/0/0/15|30 Demolition Comet 0/40/0/0|35 Amore Rose 0/45/40/0|35 Slicer of Fanatic +30 0/0/40/40|0 Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/0|30 Daylight Scar 0/0/0/30|25 Armors (slots): Sense Plate (4) Morning Prayer (1) Tempest Cloak (0) Alliance Uniform (4) Lieutenant Mantle (1) Shields: Flowen's Shield x2 Standstill Shield (min) Standstill Shield (+27 DFP/+5 EVP) Yellow Barrier Ragol Ring Purple Ring Striker Plus Stink Shield Units: Cure/Freeze 2x Cure/Shock V801 x2 Abuelita/Battle 2x MAGs: Mag (dark-yellow) 5/0/0/0 Mag (bright-pink) 5/0/0/0 Mag (bright-yellow) 5/0/0/0 Techs Lv.15: Foie 3x Barta 1x Zonde 1x Gifoie 3x Gizonde 1x Rafoie 5x Razonde 2x Jellen 1x Resta 1x Techs Lv.20: Foie 3x Barta 1x Zonde 4x Gibarta 1x Rafoie 2x Rabarta 1x Razonde 1x Deband 1x Resta 1x Techs.Lv26+: Grants Lv.26 1x Zonde Lv.27 1x Gizonde Lv.28 1x Gibarta Lv.28 2x Razonde Lv.28 1x Rabarta Lv.28 1x Foie Lv.29 1x Barta Lv.29 2x Resta Lv.30 1x Scape Dolls 2:1! Materials: Power Material 6x Mind Material 6x Evade Material 10x Def material 14x Misc/enemy parts/mag cells: S-beat's arms 1x Delsaber's Right Arm 2x Booma's Right Arm 1x Star Amplifier 30x Kit of Hamburger 2x Panther's Spirit 1x Kit of MASTER SYSTEM 1x Kit of GENESIS 1x Kit of SEGA SATURN 1x Amplifier of Deband 1x Amplifier of Rafoie 1x Amplifier of Barta 2x Amplifier of Blue 1x AddSlot 2x Love Rappy's Beak 1x Prices aren't that fixed! Feel free to make an offer and I'm sure we'll work something out. I take PDs, DTs or trades. Every serious offer will be taken seriously as well! Either PM me or reply. I might not have much time due to work and such, but I'll try to check twice a day, mornings and evenings (GMT+01). Cheers,
  2. Got myself this ring a couple of years ago, don't know what to do with it. Anyone know what the price is or what it does exactly? Cheers,
  3. Heya, So I made a list of things I'm willing to part with: HUnter weapons: -Drain Claymore +7, 0/5/0/0|50 1PD -Frost Calibur +10, 10/0/0/0|50 [2x] 1PD -Frost Cutter 0/0/5/0|50 1PD -Diska of Liberator 20/0/20/0|30 1PD -Twin Brand 5/0/0/10|0 1PD -Sonic Knuckle 0\0\0\0|0 1PD -Photon Claw 0/0/25/0|35 1PD -Soul Eater +9 0/0/0/0|0 1PD -Akiko's Frying Pan 0/0/0/0|0 1PD -Ancient Saber 20/0/0/15|0 1PD -Red Saber +62 0/0/30/0|45 4 PDs -Monkey King Bar 0/0/20/0|0 1PD -Twin Chakram 20/30/0/0|0 1PD -Panther's Claw 0/0/0/0|0 [2x] 1PD -Sange 0/30/0/0|0 1PD -Sange 0/0/30/25 1PD -DB's Saber 0/0/0/0|35 1PD -DB's Saber 0/0/0/20|25 1PD -Daisy Chain 10/0/0/10 3PDs -Meteor Cudgel +15 45/0/0/40|40 4PDs -Vivienne +50 0/0/25/35|0 3PDs -Vivienne 0/0/0/0|35 3PDs -Vivienne +50 0/0/35/35|35 6PDs -Flapjack Flapper 0/0/20/0|20 1PDs -Flapjack Flapper 0/0/55/40|65 5PDs -Daylight Scar 0/0/25/0|20 2PDs RAnger weapons: -Drain Railgujn +1 25/0/0/0|50 1PD -Hold Cannon +2 0/0/35/0|50 1PD -Final Impact 0/0/0/0|35 1PD -Ano Rifle 0/20/25/0|0 1PD -Red Scorpio 25/0/0/0|40 2PDs -Red Scorpio 0/35/0/0|35 2PDs -Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/30|0 1PD FOrce weapons: -Battle Verge 0/0/0/25|15 1PD -Windmill 0/0/0/0|45 1PD -Rabbit Wand 0/15/0/0|0 1PD -Marina's Bag 0/0/0/0|0 2PDs -Game Magazine 0/0/0/0|0 2PDs -Mahu 0/0/0/40|55 2PDs -Amore Rose 0/0/0/0|0 1PD Armors/frames: -Sense Plate (4) 1PD -Star Cuirass (1) 1PD -Morning Prayer (1) 1PD -Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (4) 3PDs -Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (1) 3PDs (good stats!) -Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (0) 2PDs -Cursed Cloak (0) [3x] 1PD -Spirit Cuirass (4) 1PD -Crimson Coat (4) 1PD Shields/barriers: -From The Depths 35PDs -S-Parts ver2.01 1PD -Red Barrier 1PD -Blue Barrier 1PD -Yellow Barrier 1PD -Striker Plus 2PDs -Regenerate Gear B.P. 1PD -Stink Shield 1PD -Attribute Wall 2PDs -Ragol Ring ???PD Units: -Perfect/Resist [5x] 1PD -Cure/Paralysis 2PDs -Cure/Freeze [5x] 2PDs -Cure/Shock [3x] 1PD -V501 2PDs -V801 2PDs -Heavenly/Power [10x] 2PDs -Abuelita/Battle [2x] 2PDs MAGs: -Elenor 5/145/50/0, Estlla, Mylla & Youlla, Leilla 30PDs -Devil Wings 5/145/50/0, Mylla & Youlla, Leilla, Pilla 25PDs Techs: -Anti Lv.5 [2x] 1PD -Anti Lv.6 1PD -Lv.15- -Barta 1PD -Razonde [3x] 1PD -Gifoie 1PD -Foie 1PD -Jellen 1PD -Zalure 1PD -Lv.20- -Rabarta 1PD -Razonde [2x] 1PD -Gizonde 1PD -Barta [2x] 1PD -Zonde [5x] 1PD -Foie 1PD -Lv.28- -Barta 1PD -Gibarta 1PD -Gifoie 1PD -Rafoie 1PD -Lv.29- Foie 1PD -Lv.30- Resta 2PDs -Scape Dolls [22x] 3:1 Materials: -Power [6x] 5:1 -Mind [5x] 5:1 -Evade [70x] 5:1 -Defense [21x] 5:1 Converters: -Syncesta [5x] 2PDs -Star Amplifier [30x] 1PD -Soul Booster 25PDs Amplifiers: -Deband 1PD -Foie 1PD -Rafoie 1PD -Barta [2x] 1PD -Gizonde 1PD -Blue 2PDs MAG Cells: -Kit of Hamburger [2x] 2PDs -Panther's Spirit [2x] 2PDs -Kit of MARK3 [2x] 2PDs -Kit of Master Systeem 2PDs -Kit of Genesis 2PDs -Kit of Sega Saturn 2PDs -Kit of Dreamcast 2PDs I'm llooking for a hitted Slicer of Fanatic and a hitted (Red) Sword. Willing to do some trading while those are offered --->->->IF YOU'RE WILLING TO HAGGLE FEEL FREE TO DO SO. THESE ARE NOT SET PRICES<-<-<----
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