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Found 2 results

  1. Iron fist is a very incredibly useful RA weapon, regardless of being a cast only weapon. It is unique. DM may the "Ultimate Weapon" , however that does not dismiss the fact that it can't have a equal or something closer to it. So with that being said, allow me to introduce you to the possible new version of the unique Iron Fuast; the ULTIMA FUAST. 12 Stars ATP+ 698-820 ATA+ 45 MAX GRIND +20 SPECIAL: UNREDUCED ???? REQUIRED ATA 200 Can be used by all ranger classes. LORE: Created by a cast who was tired of Dark Meteor by using the power from his server. It's destructive nature rivals Dark Meteor Can be created by combinding Iron Fuast with Proof of Sonic Team or Soul Booster Can we have this please?
  2. I have an idea of how to choose a weapon most people will love. It also evolves the whole community. There should be a topic where everyone can post there item that they would like to see in the game. The gms can set the detail like the perimeters. Then the gms will choose the six ones they think are the best. Then everyone will vote on those six and the person who came up with the idea will get there name in the description or item's name. It will encourage everyone to post something because who doesn't want their name in an item's name or description? I hope one day this could happen!!
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