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  1. In order to promote multiplayer games on Ultima, Individual Dropstyle DARs (Drop Anything Rates) have been increased to the following: 1 player: 100% => 100% 2 players: 80% => 93% 3 players: 70% => 90% 4 players: 60% => 88% However, Guidelines have been updated to prevent abuses: You are no longer allowed to use multiple characters with Individual Dropstyle enabled in order to get multiple additional drops for yourself. From now on, if you want to use multiple characters in the same active room, Shared Dropstyle must be enabled. Multiple characters in individual rooms are not allowed. Type /dropstyle 0 in the lobby before making your room for that purpose. You are allowed to use multiple characters on Pioneer II (bank, feeding, trades and transfers purposes) on any dropstyle. You are still allowed to use multiple characters for quest rewards farming (Christmas Catastrophe, Raid on Central Tower, Power Plant Plight, Harmony of Despair I etc) or multiple leveling (Central Control Area etc) but Shared Dropstyle must be enabled when doing so. Exceptions: Using a second character in the following quests for support tasks on Individual Dropstyle is still acceptable (as you will get kicked if you can’t control them), as long as other room players agree with it: - Beyond the Horizon - Simulator 2.0 - World of Illusion And quests that require an individual ticket to play: - Harmony of Despair II (Ultimate) EDIT: due to a guidelines update, these exceptions no longer apply. Only quests that do not involve enemy or box drops are still allowed on individual dropstyle multilogging (Gallon's Shop, The Beak's Cafe, etc). Violating those rules and abusing the Individual Dropstyle can lead you to Game Master warnings, disconnections or bans (if intentionally repeated offense). Of course, we are all open-minded: if you are seen using several characters in an individual dropstyle free roam Forest for example, everyone can guess you are obviously not trying to exploit the system and there will be no problem. So no need to worry about that. Just don't think about abusing PSO2 dropstyle anymore. You can still play with friends / family at home, but only if they actually play (Don't bring their char into your rooms if they are not actually here). The new rates, as well as rules, are open to future adjustments. Thank you for your understanding and have fun!
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