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  1. Since the recent crash/rollback I've lost levels on a number of characters. I have lost items, but the only significant ones that I've noticed so far are a Snake Spire (no stats), 2 photon crystals, and 2 addslots, all of which were in possession of Amuu'. Guild card#: 42149990 Character 1: Amuu' Slot 1 Lvl before crash: ~155 (might have been 154-157) When I logged back in he was 146 Character 2: /Avanna Slot 2 Lvl before crash: 89-90 (I'd been pushing for ult so I'm pretty sure of this level. I was either just about to get 90 or had just gotten it) When I logged back in she was 67 Character 3: Sytrus (with 3 blank spaces at the end like "Sytrus[][][]") Slot 3 Lvl before crash: no higher than 111 (I'm honestly not sure about this one. I can't remember what level she was ) When I logged back in she was 103 Thanks Soly! I'm sure things are crazy right now.
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