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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, After playing here on and off again for the past 7 or so years, I have decided to fully move over to Ephinea's server. I kinda feel their more vanilla approach appeals to me more. Also, the stronger weapons make me plow through most enemies with relative ease, which gets a tad boring to be over time. Because of this decision I'd like to offer a somewhat unconventional trade, since I'm offering my stuff here for stuff on Ephinea. If people are interested in this offer I can supply you with a list of what I have to offer on this server. For Ephinea, I'm looking for mostly HUcaseal stuff. Just let me know. And a wholehearted goodbye to all of you ❤️
  2. Its all in the title! Im quitting, for good this time. I dont enjoy playing here anymore, really just feels like a drain on my time, money (i donated once, and urge to do it again). I just dont like how being here makes me feel now. Its becoming a problem. So, im leaving, everything i have is free to take, some of it is good, and most of it is not, if you see me on again after today, im probably just going to be in the lobby. Meh. I dont know. Its good cause this has been an issue for me for months, and its not something i can cope with any longer. You wont miss me, and for those of you that want to stay in touch, skype is an option. Anyway, i dont have much else to say, id say thanks, and id say bye, but then in my head, im just like "what for" And now that sounds pretty mean, so i will at least say thank you, to those of you who helped me when i needed it, and to those of you who were here when i needed it. Phantasy Star has always been an aspect to my life, apart from the short gap between me finding ultima and the closing of Schthasdfghjkl or however you spell that stupid name, i dont plan to learn. Bye everybody. Regards, Holly. ((FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING MY ITEMS, A ROOM IS UP FOR TODAY))
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