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Found 2 results

  1. Hey hey Everybody what is going on? Riva here I want to give my opinion on why female hunters can't use mille faucilles, or why they don't enable it so they can use it. In my opinion they should put that (Hunewhearl and hucaesal) They can use mille faucilles, taking into account that male hunters can use Psycho raven, what difference would it make? Mille Faucilles was created as the "Female Psycho Raven" and only included the rangers leaving out the hunters? There is no good mechgun for huney and hucaesal, and I'm sorry but I'm not conformist, I always go for more, and dual bird for me is not enough in huney and hucaesal, if ramarl and racaesal can use Mille faucilles, then why Huney and Hucaesal They can not? What excuse is there? I don't see any... Does the weapon have a lot of atp? If that was the excuse then they would never have put psycho raven on the hucast, it doesn't make sense. PS: I do not make this post to generate discussion or ill-gotten debates. It is a suggestion that they should take into account.
  2. Cross


    Hello friends, I wanted to ask you what recipes u know, I mean the amount of materials that you can put (hp, def, pow, materials mind) on characters for a HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal, RAcaseal and RAcast
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