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Found 2 results

  1. HALLOWEEN EVENT 2020 Deep below the depths of Ragol, Seething in the darkness, Piercing cries of anguish can be heard. An ancient curse is reawoken; Thought to be eradicated by the Hunters, The plague was actually merely contained, And now threatens to contaminate the surface once more. Its host creature has mutated, Becoming twisted and ferocious, Easily vanquishing many unsuspecting hunters. The survivors flee in a mad scramble back to the surface, Gibbering madly about the return of the Cursed Belras. Halloween Event 2020 Has Arrived To Haunt Hunters Once More! Available items Ultima Reaper Stats ATP 666 ATA 45 EVP -20 DFP 0 LCK 0 GRIND +15 Required ATP 580 (so all classes can equip it) Special Unreduced hell, perfect to slice up everything, especially in ep4 A little bit bigger range than a regular partisan Can hit up to 15 enemies in one swing Megid pierces when equipped Description "The user of this cursed scythe will surely go to hell..." "It is said this weapon was once from the grim reaper himself" "The owner of this scythe will die in 13 years (gg will use anyway)" "It is said the red color comes from all the victims it slayed" "This weapon feeds itself from its victims souls" "This scythe was used to cut Godric into pieces" CHROMATIC ORB Many rumors surround this mysterious new form of crystallized photon energy. Hunters claim to glean them from the wreckage of corrupted epsilons, pulsing with mysterious colors, though the extent of its power has yet to be discovered. It's believed they may be heavily irradiated by faulty barrier generators, handle with caution. Will you be the first to unlock all of its hidden potentials???? Banana Cannon VAMPIRE CLOAK The cursed plague has made the leap to another nearby monster this year. While more commonly known for their ability to drain the energy of its opponents to power their offensive capabilities, the mutations have infused their hide with peculiar new defensive capabilities now too, making their pelts into a valuable commodity. GIRASOLE The legendary Girasole makes a new appearance for this event, in addition to its usual spot in Christmas Event. A powerful doublesaber prized by hunters of all types for its ability to deal devastating combos with dazzling flair, this weapon that 'draws in the power of the sun' may prove useful for combating the darkness. Jack-O'-Lanterns content Jack-O'-Lantern Cell of MAG 213 Cell of MAG 502 Heart of Chu Chu Heart of Opa Opa Heart of KAPU KAPU Heart of Chao Parts of RoboChao Heart of Pian Pioneer 2 Parts Halo Soul HALO SOUL Our spooky little halo rappies friends are also back with some nice goodies for us: Jack o' Lanterns! These mysterious Lanterns, which normally only contain various mag cells to use, now have special Costume Kits for hunters to go trick or treating with! These costumes provide neat new customizations for players to toy with, though they are generally less durable than more standard hunter garb(i.e. don't use 'maxed' gear with this). See how many outfits you can discover! Halo Rappies can only be found on episode 2 in the temple in any difficulty. Chromatic Orb Combinations Girasole +20 + Chromatic Orb = Inferno Girasole Red Sword +52 + Chromatic Orb = Crimson Sword S-Red's Blade +15 + Chromatic Orb = Macho Blades Rage De Feu +9 + Chromatic Orb = Rage de Glace Halo Soul Combinations Red Ring + Halo Soul = Bunny Costume (Jellen/Zalure boost) Bunny Costume + Halo Soul = Cat Scratch Fever (Shifta/Deband boost) Cat Scratch Fever + Halo Soul = Guardian Angel (Resta/Anti boost) Guardian Angel + Halo Soul = Ylvis Costume (30 efr, 30 eic, 20 eth, 0 elt, 25 edk) Ylvis Costume + Halo Soul = Bewbs Costume (Trap vision) Bewbs Costume + Halo Soul = Minecraft Costume (Megid pierce) Minecraft Costume + Halo Soul = Red Ring (original shield) Rico's Glasses + Halo Soul = Agent K Costume (30 efr, 30 eic, 20 eth, 0 elt, 25 edk, Trap vision, Fomarl exclusive) Agent K Costume + Halo Soul = Rico's Glasses (original shield) credits to @FALC0N for event banner credits for pictures @R-78 HAVE A SCARY HUNTING !! -- BAD LUCK TO ALL
  2. S>45/0/35/0 Ultima Reaper 12 pds or best offer
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